Soave Enterprises believes corporate growth is good.   For Anthony Soave, planned growth is even better.

Over the past few years, Soave affiliate MPS Group has seen substantial growth with the development of diverse industry services and acquisition of new partners and clients.  In anticipation of this growth, MPS Group spent months of a full scale strategic planning process, after which they unveiled two of the most noticeable, public aspects of the growth plan. The company had created a new logo and a new website to more accurately reflect its mission and scope of services.

“These efforts were part of our team’s well-designed and thoughtfully conceived plan,” explains Charlie Williams, the company’s Chief Executive Officer. “MPS Group designed the new website and logo as part of a concentrated effort to move forward and communicate who we are and what we do to our different audiences.”

Previously, the MPS Group logo featured a United States map, which incorrectly implied its services were limited to U.S. based clients. Over the years, Soave Enterprises has proven that the success of its unique style is geographically scalable. In fact, MPS has been providing services in Canada for many years, and intends to further expand within this space, as well as develop other growth markets.

On both the logo and website, the color green was a conscious choice to evoke Soave Enterprises ongoing dedication to innovative technology, best-in-class service and their commitment to protecting the environment. “A dynamic company requires a dynamic public face,” notes Williams. “Our revised logo represents MPS Group’s forward-looking focus.”

Also in keeping with the company’s strategic growth plan is the addition of an environmental consulting division. “We hired several accomplished professionals to staff a newly established office in Cincinnati,” announced Kevin Sullivan, Executive Vice President.  Initially, the group focused on performing environmental site assessments and investigations for clients in support of their property transaction and property closure obligations. MPS will also capitalize on its newly acquired expertise by combining it with current resources to provide turnkey brownfields redevelopment and site remediation to clients.

“This endeavor is a natural fit with our existing portfolio of services. It piggybacks on our strong history of providing environmentally sound solutions to clients,” details Sullivan. “We hope to leverage these operations to expand services within our traditional customer base, as well as to attract new clients in diverse industries.”

To learn more about the environmental consulting division and other important services MPS Group provides, please visit their new website at:


About Anthony Soave and Soave Enterprises

MPS Group is part of Anthony Soave’s family of businesses – Soave Enterprises.  At MPS Group, the firm’s plans, targets and operational objectives revolve around providing products and services that help customers maintain their competitive advantage.

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