Soave Enterprises Works to Discourage Metal Theft

//Soave Enterprises Works to Discourage Metal Theft

Soave Enterprises Works to Discourage Metal Theft

Soave Enterprises is dedicated to implementing higher industry standards to help prevent scrap metal theft. soave-enterprises-scrap-metal

Anthony Soave and his partners at Ferrous Processing & Trading are working with the scrap metal recycling industry to help reduce metal theft.  The issue is a serious one.  Thieves are stealing more and more metal items across the country.  One of the most popular targeted metals is copper.  Copper has risen in value in recent years and copper theft has risen with it.

Everyday Occurrences

Stories are posted every day regarding items that have been taken.  These include copper wire, aluminum bleachers, air conditioning parts, automotive parts, and even industrial building materials such as railway ties or steel construction pieces.

Thieves have been known to tear down utility poles for the copper inside.  When this happens, they leave thousands of dollars of damage in their wake.  Furthermore, these kinds of crimes cause electric service disruptions or the risk of electrocution from damaged lines.

Why Is this an Issue?

Copper theft is a basic issue of cause and effect.  As the world continues to industrialize, the demand for copper increases. This has led to an undersupply of copper.  This drives the value of copper up, making it an idea target for thieves.

Scrap metal that is stolen is nearly impossible to identify when it is taken in to a scrap metal processing center.  Scrap metal often changes hands many times before it is sold to a scrap metal recycling company.  It can also be disguised or damaged reduce the signs of theft.  Companies like Soave Enterprises are committed to following the strictest regulations regarding scrap metal processing to help deter metal thieves.

Helping to Make a Difference

At Soave Enterprises’ scrap metal recycling facilities, scrap metal suppliers are required to provide the necessary identification as outlined by the law and industry best practices.

Furthermore, one government recycling institute keeps track of stolen goods through a national Web site. However, the continuing surge in metal theft is involving law enforcement agencies, community groups and lawmakers who getting involved with this problem.

Currently, legislators nationwide are discussing ways to tighten requirements for sellers of scrap in different states. The challenge lies in preventing the over-regulation of legitimate businesses while the underground economy continues to grow.

Many of the measures that are being suggested are already standard procedure for businesses owners like Anthony Soave. For instance, one option currently offered at Soave Enterprises’ Ferrous Processing and Trading is that rather than cash, sellers are issued ATM-type cards that can be used at on-site machines.

Many believe the legislation must be backed up by enforcement or the underground scrap industry will continue to flourish.  Until then, scrap metal recycling companies like Soave Enterprises will have to be extra vigilant and continue to work together to prevent thieves from cashing in stolen metals.

About Anthony Soave and Soave Enterprises

Soave Enterprises is a diversified management and investment company founded by Detroit businessman, Anthony Soave, that provides strategic planning, financial and other management resources to its affiliated business ventures.  Tony Soave encourages every business within Soave Enterprises to work with industry partners to set a higher standard for market practices.  For more information on Anthony Soave and Soave Enterprises, please visit

Soave Enterprises

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