Anthony Soave has developed a strong legacy surrounding the community service efforts given by Soave family, business affiliates, and employees.  At Soave Enterprises, giving back to the community has always been a priority and everyone is encouraged to get involved in programs, projects, and charities that are near to their own heart.  One of the programs that has been adopted by Soave Enterprises is the animal shelter in Romulus, Michigan. The city of Romulus takes pride in providing outstanding services for its citizens. With a generous donation from Soave Enterprises, the city was able to offer the same care to its four-footed residents.


Soave Enterprises generously contributed $5,000 to aid the city of Romulus with the development of a new animal shelter. Specifically, the donation funded the building’s conceptual design by professional architects. The prior location was built in the 1930s and did not even include a restroom for employees.  The new location will be built with the needs of the animals and the staff in mind in order to provide a higher level of service and care.


“This gift truly helps us pull all the pieces of the project together,” explains Tim Keyes, Romulus’ Director of Economic Development. “Through community-based fundraising, we raised nearly $100,000 to build the shelter, plus generous in-kind donations from many local businesses. However, we lacked a tangible plan to begin moving forward. Soave Enterprises’ contribution allows us to take the next step toward our goal.”


Built on a city-owned vacant property south of the Department of Public Works facility, the new animal shelter covers 4,500 square feet and cost approximately $800,000 to complete.  The purpose of the shelter is to help meet the health and grooming needs of the animals in transition.


“The city of Romulus began exploring this project in 2003, when Councilman Bill Wadsworth focused public attention on the unfortunate state of the current animal shelter,” says Tom Turnbull, Vice President, Soave Real Estate Group. “When we learned of Councilman Wadsworth’s on-going personal effort to raise funds for the shelter, we felt compelled to assist the city – and its animals.”


Donations of this kind are common within the Soave Enterprises family of businesses.  By supporting the local community, companies are privileged to give back to the people who have supported them in so many ways.


Anthony Soave and Soave employees are always willing and eager to assist others within the community by working together to bring support to local programs, fundraisers, and events.

From hosting youth events, donating to specific charities, organizing book and food drives, and leading educational programs, to donating time and supplies when disaster strikes, Soave employees are committed to offering their time and support for those in need.


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