Soave Enterprises’ Scrap Metal Affiliate Provides Industry-Leading Services

//Soave Enterprises’ Scrap Metal Affiliate Provides Industry-Leading Services

Soave Enterprises’ Scrap Metal Affiliate Provides Industry-Leading Services

Soave Enterprises outlines the ways Ferrous Processing & Trading has set itself above the competition within the scrap metal recycling industry. soave-enterprises-logo-resized

Scrap metal companies operate around all around the country, ranging from large corporate entities to small private operations.  Ferrous Processing & Trading (FPT) is an affiliate of Soave Enterprises and is currently the fifth largest scrap metal recycling company in the United States and has been a dependable trusted provider for many years.

What Sets Ferrous Processing & Trading Apart?

When it comes to scrap recycling services, not all companies are the same.  Ferrous Processing & Trading is dedicated to providing trusted and dependable services every time.  FPT is a preferred supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous metals to all the major dealers, steel mills and foundries throughout the United States.

Service that Makes a Difference

Build upon Anthony Soave’s ideals of delivering exceptional customer service, the company has earned a reputation for reliability and integrity.  FPT takes a great amount of pride in consistently producing the highest quality of products in a timely manner and at a competitive rate.

Meeting the Needs of Individual Clients

Whether you need a single ton, a single load, a railcar, or several containers, FPT welcomes the opportunity to supply your scrap metal needs.  Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to partnering with your business to implement the most advanced technologies and efficient processes to meet your scrap metal processing and waste management needs.

Furthermore, Ferrous Processing & Trading has the necessary purchasing, selling and brokerage services to meet the particular needs of each client.

  • Industrial Clients: FPT runs a dedicated purchasing department that will assist industrial clients with all their scrap metal needs.  They are able to supply the necessary equipment from ½ yard hoppers to 100 cubic yard roll-off containers to support the sophisticated array of scrap handling systems offered.

Experts will work with each company to develop the most efficient internal scrap handling systems and scrap segregation programs.  They also manage resale values and transportation issues according to the client’s needs.

  • Scrap Metal Purchasers: Through Ferrous Processing & Trading, Soave Enterprises sells and brokers over 2.5 million tons of scrap metal annually.  Their dedicated marketing group is in contact with the major dealers, foundries, and steel mills throughout the U.S.  Their advanced communication system allows FPT to access and obtain up-to-the-minute pricing on all grades of scrap.

Thanks to the ample backing provided by Soave Enterprises, FPT has the capabilities to expedite shipping or hold material in consignment stock or inventory and ship upon request.  These versatile shipping capabilities allow FPT to ship scrap by water, rail, or truck.

Soave Enterprises conveniently operates multiple facilities throughout different regions in the United States.  FPT currently operates facilities in Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, and Ontario, Canada.

About Soave Enterprises

Soave Enterprises is a diversified management and investment company founded by Detroit businessman Anthony Soave.  Soave Enterprises provides strategic planning, financial and other management resources to its affiliated business ventures in the real estate, automotive retailing, beer distribution, scrap metal, industrial services and transportation industries, among others.  For more information on Tony Soave and Soave Enterprises, please visit

Soave Enterprises

3400 E Lafayette

Detroit, MI 48207


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