Soave Enterprises offers a unique source for affordable used automotive parts as part of innovative salvage yard. soave-enterprises

Soave Enterprises offers backyard mechanics a unique opportunity to find used automotive parts at an affordable price and convenient location.  That’s because Parts Galore, a Soave affiliate, presents a modern take on the traditional salvage yard.

Just in Time for the Holidays

What is more exciting than getting a car for Christmas?  Wrapped in a bow and sitting in the driveway waiting to surprise your loved one, cars are a one-of-a-kind holiday gift.  Whether you are fixing up an old classic for Grandpa, or bringing new life to your son or daughter’s dream car, there are endless possibilities for creating the perfect gift.

If you have not already begun, now is the best time to start.  There are still almost two months until Christmas, plenty of time to finish the project!   Best of all, Soave Enterprises and Parts Galore make it easy and fun to find the parts you need.

Parts Galore is a do-it-yourself auto salvage yard that permits customers to pay a nominal entrance fee to access an 18-acre lot full of scrap vehicles and automotive parts.  The cars are organized by make and model and at any given moment there are over 2,000 to choose from.  The concept is still pretty new, and the results are cheaper auto parts for individuals and more environmentally friendly product life cycle for the automobiles.

“Our goal was to provide a self-service experience that no one else has really done in this are,” shares a Parts Galore employee.  “Plus, we have an enormous inventory of vehicles that is constantly refreshed, so customers can pretty much always find what they need.”

What You Do

Parts Galore employees prepare every vehicle that is placed in the yard.  For example, they remove the gas tank and all fluids and recycle them appropriately.  Then, customers pay a small $1 fee to enter the yard and are able to search the vehicles for the parts they need.  Customers bring their own tools, but wheelbarrows are available to rent on site.  The parts are then accounted for and paid for before the customer leaves.

After customers have stripped a row of vehicles of parts, the entire row is removed and replaced with a new batch. Soave Enterprises reports that nearly 1,200 vehicles are turned over on a monthly basis, creating a constant flow of fresh inventory.  The stripped vehicles are sent to another Soave Enterprises affiliate, Ferrous Processing & Trading (FPT) to be professionally processed and recycled.

Vehicles that have been removed are shipped to one of three FPT automobile shredders in the Detroit area, where they are fragmentized and prepared for re-melting by steel mills, foundries and smelters. Owned by Anthony Soave, FPT is the fifth largest metal recycling company in the nation.

Parts Galore has now expanded to include three separate locations.  Additional Parts Galore outlets are expected in metro Detroit, with other outlets in Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio, to follow.

Anthony Soave and Soave Enterprises

Soave Enterprises is a diversified management and investment company founded by Detroit businessman Anthony Soave that provides strategic planning, financial and other management resources to its affiliated business ventures.  Anthony Soave acquired Ferrous Processing and Trading in 1997 and through it, Soave Enterprises offers a full range of metal recycling services.  For more information on Tony Soave and Soave Enterprises, please visit

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