Soave Enterprises and MPS Group’s client was recently honored for their efforts in environmentally friendly processes.  In January, MPS Group client General Motors’ Flint Assembly Plant was named a Michigan Clean Corporate Citizen by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). The Clean Corporate Citizen is a voluntary environmental program identifying environmental stewardship at Michigan facilities. MDEQ recognized the home of the Chevrolet Silverado HD and GMC Sierra HD for recycling 75 percent of the waste streams the facility produced.  The facility was commended for their dedication to the environment and for the leadership role they play in the industry.


“The Clean Corporate Citizen program helps recognize environmental leadership in industry,” said MDEQ Director Dan Wyant.  “We are proud to congratulate General Motors’ Flint Assembly Plant for voluntarily doing more than what is required by law and showing pride in the company’s environmental stewardship.”


Managing Resources Responsibly

Jeff Parker, MPS Group Project Manager for GM Flint Assembly, was gratified to learn that his team’s resource management efforts have been recognized by MDEQ.  Owned by Anthony Soave and Soave Enterprises, MPS Group seeks to implement innovative green processes that focus on effectively managing waste, recycling, and maintaining an awareness of the overall effect on production processes on the local environment.  MPS Group also offers total resource management, project management, industrial services, field and site inspections, maintenance consultation and programmed maintenance services.


The GM facility was also lauded for its reduction of energy and water cost by $2.9 million, recycling 1,080 tons of cardboard, paper, plastic and wood waste, and reducing oil use by more than 6,340 gallons. Any one of these accomplishments would be considered remarkable, and are truly an incredible feat in combination.


Flint Assembly is one of General Motors oldest facilities, coming into existence shortly after World War II in 1947. Since then, the plant has extended itself to become a more sustainable facility. Plant manager Amy Farmer notes, “By earning this designation, we have proved that our older facilities are just as apt to be clean as newer ones. It is our mission at Flint Assembly, as a responsible member of the community, to do our part to create a healthier environment.” MPS Group will continue to work right alongside with them to continue implementing eco-friendly business practices.


Soave Enterprises Leading the Way for a Cleaner Environment

At MPS Group, the firm’s plans, targets and operational objectives revolve around providing products and services that help customers maintain their competitive advantage.  Every Soave Enterprises employee in every MPS Group division understands how their part of the business is measured and is empowered to make adjustments and to feed lessons learned into the strategic planning process.


About Soave Enterprises

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