Detroit, MI, 18 May 2012 –
Soave Enterprises once again recognizes the growth and initiative of their industrial services company MPS Group. Unlike the sporting world, the industrial services industry just doesn’t have the vocabulary to describe the one-two-three punch of signing a trio of new clients. Soave Enterprises’ affiliate MPS Group is now pleased to provide Total Waste Management services to Comau, Walker International Transportation, LLC and Dawn Food Products, Inc.

“In the last few months, MPS Group has jumped forward with its stated goal of diversifying our customer base,” explains Business Development Manager Heather Cataldo. “In all three cases, MPS Group focuses on our core competencies and then passes the resultant savings on our clients.”

Tier 1 supplier Comau is a division of Fiat which now owns Chrysler Group, LLC. Senior Project Manager Dennis Romanski travels to eight different locations to assist with Comau’s first objective – assisting with their World Class Manufacturing audit.

“We are proud to report that MPS Group’s efforts have helped the client advance to a Two-Point rating with regards to the Environmental Pillar,” notes Cataldo. “As with all client partnerships, their goals become our goals.”

At Walker International Transportation, LLC, the logistics company’s work in international and domestic repacking of production parts destined for the plant floor results in a significant amount of cardboard, wood pallets and plastics to properly manage.

“Our environmentally sound methods at Soave Enterprises recycle everything possible,” states Cataldo. “We leverage our established vendor pricing to get the most competitive value possible for the waste streams.”

Dawn Food Products, Inc., offers MPS Group the greatest test of its system-based processes–with notable outcomes already measured at the Louisville plant’s pilot program. The company supplies dry and wet ingredients and finished baked goods to businesses throughout the world. Soave Enterprises employees and Dawn are continuously learning from each other. Total Waste Managers carefully apply the corporate template generated through 15 years of experience in Total Waste Management to standardize waste and recycling activities.

Cataldo reports, “Simple changes produced speedy results.  Working in the food industry, some requirements are different, but it’s still manufacturing. The principles remain the same.”

About Soave Enterprises

Anthony Soave is committed to developing diversified growth within the Soave Enterprises family of businesses and these new clients and partnership are further actualizations of that vision.

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