Soave Enterprises has found success with their innovative automotive scrap yards known as Parts Galore.  The Detroit-based Soave-owned automotive scrap yards provide customers the ability to bring their own tools, pay a small entrance fee, sign a liability waiver and gain access to acres of used car and truck parts at unbelievably low prices.  The three locations of Parts Galore offer a combined total of over 7,500 vehicles and an average turnover rate of 3,000 per month.

At each location, scrap yards are organized by manufacturer or type. Signs along the way mark specific sections, as well as maps throughout the site to assist customers.  That way, customers can find the vehicle makes and models they need to recover the parts they are in need of.  Wheelbarrows can also be rented for a nominal fee for parts collection. Customers use their own tools to get the needed parts and then pay for those parts.  Many customers are backyard mechanics and smaller mechanic shops.  The overall concept is simple, allows for lower operation expenses, and Soave Enterprises passes the savings onto the customer.

At Parts Galore, safety is a top priority.  Before vehicles are placed into inventory, they are environmentally processed in a state of the art facility where they undergo a comprehensive 17-step process where Parts Galore staff removes the gas tanks, and all fluids or hazardous materials including gasoline, engine oil, transmission fluid, and mercury switches.   In short, Parts Galore extends Soave Enterprises’ dedication to environmental responsibility to each of their facilities which are also clean, well-organized, user-friendly.


To ensure the added safety of all Parts Galore customers, there are a few rules that are strictly enforced at each scrap yard location. These include:

–          No jacks: cars are already placed on raised stands

–          No torches: parts can be safely cut off, if necessary, utilizing battery powered tools and sawsalls.  Similarly, only authorized power tools are allowed in the yard.  When entering the display yard, customers must check their parts in with the attendant.  Toolboxes are inspected upon entering and exiting the facility.

–          No Alcohol or Drugs: Alcoholic beverages and drugs are strictly prohibited on the premises.  Parts Galore reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone who is impaired or represents a safety concern to themselves or others.

–          No Weapons: Firearms, explosives, and other destructive devices are strictly forbidden on the Soave/Parts Galore property.

–          No Children Under 16:  For the safety of children, no one under the age of 16 is admitted into the parts area.

Parts Galore goes to great lengths to make sure each customer’s experience is enjoyable, productive, cost effective, and as safe as possible.  At each of its three locations, Parts Galore truly offers a unique automotive scrap yard experience.  No matter where customers come from, they will find the selection of vehicle parts at Parts Galore are well worth the trip!

About Soave Enterprises and Anthony Soave

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