Soave Automotive Group and Aristocrat Motors proudly celebrate and support many of the charities, projects and people of Kansas City.  Soave Automotive Group is proud to say its customers are also partners in the growth, nurturing, and success of the Kansas City community.  One of these remarkable customers is Monica Starr, a busy housewife, mother of two children, and part-time event and wedding florist.  At her home and in her spare time, Monica founded Sleepyhead Beds, a non-profit organization that provides children the security of sleeping in their own bed at night.

“In 2008, I met a family who was sleeping together in one room, on the floor,” said Monica. “It broke my heart to think of my own children not having a safe place of their own to sleep. With a few quick emails, a friend and I found beds for this family. After seeing the reaction of these children when receiving a used bed, I knew I had to create an agency to address this void in our community.”

Providing a Clean Safe Place to Sleep

In Kansas City, approximately one in every 42 children will lay down without a bed to call their own. They lie on the floor, they crowd in bed with their siblings, they sleep in a shelter. Sleepyhead Beds has a simple mission – provide a clean bed and bedding for these children.

“Every child deserves a safe, clean place to sleep,” says Monica.

Monica and her volunteer team collect donations of new and clean used beds, pillows and bedding. They inspect, sanitize and deliver them to families throughout the metro Kansas City area. In 2011 they saved 1,200 mattresses (the equivalent of approximately four  football fields) from entering area landfills and provided 1,900 children with a bed of their own, getting them up, off the floor and sofa.

“One of the best things about my job is knowing that after we deliver a child a bed, we instantly change their life. They feel less disadvantaged, have a chance to perform better at school and their mother can rest knowing her babies are sleeping in a safe place,” shares Monica.

“It’s pretty cool. It keeps me going all the time, and to see the little kids’ faces, how excited they get to have a bed. The way they talk about a used bed being so pretty or the most exciting thing that’s happened.”

Monica’s all-volunteer team gets help from many corporate sponsors, including Soave Automotive Group and Aristocrat Motors. “Aristocrat has stepped up to help me with Sleepyhead Beds … many of the employees have become friends and regular volunteers,” says Monica.  Soave Automotive Group also recently held a bed drive with Aristocrat Motors and Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City.

For Soave businesses like Aristocrat Motors, the key element in their success is the surrounding community.  Soave Enterprises and their affiliates are proud to support the incredible men and women who work so hard to make life better for those in need in their area.

“Kansas City is a pretty amazing place, and we have had the privilege to partner in some very impressive projects and events,” shares Marion Battaglia, President of Aristocrat Motors.

“We celebrate the amazing women like Monica Starr who are involved in all facets of our city.  We offer a standing ovation to each individual and every group, every effort and every cause that serves the people of Kansas City,” says Marion.

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