Soave Agriculture group has chosen to deal with the rising costs of energy in a way that is consistent with their efficient history. In order to maximize their energy use, the company has adopted a cogeneration system, which is an efficient and energy saving way of producing energy. soave-enterprises-agriculture

“Soave Hydroponics Company began looking at ways to deal with the rising cost of energy and we soon realized that a cogeneration system could help offset the high cost of energy while also helping the environment. We are the first greenhouse application in North America to successfully install a cogeneration system of such capacity,” states the company.

This is a significant move. The adoption of a cleaner, but still economically sound energy production technique is a move in the right direction for big companies. If Soave can do it, others can and should follow suit.

Cogeneration Is the Key

A cogeneration system simultaneously produces electricity as well as useful heat. This method loses little energy, unlike most other forms of energy production. Many others lose a large amount of energy when they operate. In most others, more than half of the energy produced is lost as excess heat. Cogeneration systems, which can get up to 80% efficiency, capture and use that heat.

Soave Agriculture doesn’t just set the technological standard for energy use. Being one of the largest greenhouse operations in North America, they use state-of-the-art technology and modern growing methods to produce premium quality gourmet tomatoes that customers enjoy each and every day. Soave’s Great Northern Hydroponics’ current production capacity is a 70-acre facility. Product is produced under optimum growing conditions; in a maximum biologically controlled environment that is pesticide and herbicide free. Packaging and shipping is done on-site to guarantee freshness using sophisticated automation together with meticulous attention to quality and detail.  Great Northern’s quality, sanitation, security, maintenance, product traceability, hygiene and integrated pest management protocols are second to none.

Great Northern Hydroponics was established by Soave in 1998 and is located in the heart of sunny Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

“The goal of Soave Agricultural Group is to achieve the perfect integration between agriculture and technology in a society that is environmentally sustainable and responsible. We feel very confident that all aspects of our business conform to this ambition and we are proud to be on the path to a bright and clean future with a watch-full eye to the environment,” states the company.

About Soave Agricultural Group and Anthony Soave

From the early days of his first company, Anthony Soave has had a commitment to integrating innovative technology and partnerships to maintain an elevated level of service.  At Great Northern Hydroponics, this includes employing the most innovative growing techniques and resources to continually improve the quality and safety of each tomato crop.

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