Soave Agricultural Group Shares the Healthy Heart Benefits of Tomatoes

//Soave Agricultural Group Shares the Healthy Heart Benefits of Tomatoes

Soave Agricultural Group Shares the Healthy Heart Benefits of Tomatoes

Soave Agricultural Group explores the health benefits of tomatoes, including the vegetable’s unique ability to prevent heart disease.Great1

Soave Agricultural Group is proud to produce tomatoes of the highest quality.  Grown under a maximum controlled environment at Great Northern Hydroponics, the tomatoes from Soave Agricultural Group provide a myriad of health benefits for consumers worldwide.  In fact, tomatoes have been proven to provide cardiovascular support by reducing the risk of heart disease and promoting healthy heart function.

Healthy Antioxidants

One way tomatoes support hearth health is by delivering a high dose of healthy antioxidants.  At Soave Agricultural Group, the tomatoes are naturally packed with high levels of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.  Antioxidants protect the cardiovascular system by supporting healthy oxygen circulation. These antioxidants include vitamin E and vitamin C and lycopene.

Improving Healthy Fats

Furthermore, eating tomatoes and tomato extracts can also improve the healthy profile of fats in the bloodstream.  Specifically, tomato intake has been shown to result in decreased total cholesterol, decreased LDL cholesterol, and decreased triglyceride levels.  They can also help decrease accumulation of cholesterol molecules inside white blood cells.

Preventing Platelet Clumps

Furthermore, the phytonutrients in tomatoes have also been shown to reduce the excessive clumping of platelet cells within the bloodstream which can cause dangerous blockages.  This makes them a unique defense in reducing heart disease and improving overall heart health.

Tomatoes can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.  Consider tossing them in a fresh salad, slicing them on a sandwich or pizza, sautéing them in your favorite dish, or saucing them in pasta or soup.  Even ketchup contains high levels of lycopene, but be sure to search for natural organic ketchup.  Tomatoes can also be frozen or canned to be stored for future use.

No matter how you enjoy them, it is important to look for tomatoes of the highest quality.  That is why at Soave Agricultural Group, we are dedicated to growing our vegetables in a maximum controlled environment free of harmful chemicals.  The Soave management team is proud to be a HACCP-certified supplier compliant with a world-wide acknowledged and respected program.  We have achieved superior food safety and quality ratings within the industry for seven years.  As of October 2010, Great Northern Hydroponics became the first vegetable producing greenhouse in Canada to meet the requirements of the SQF 1000 Code, Level 3 for uncompromising Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality.

About Soave Agricultural Group and Anthony Soave

From the early days of his first company, Anthony Soave has had a commitment to integrating innovative technology and partnerships to maintain an elevated level of service.  At Great Northern Hydroponics, this includes employing the most innovative growing techniques and resources to continually improve the quality and safety of each tomato crop.

Soave Enterprises is a diversified management and investment company founded by Detroit businessman Anthony L. Soave that provides strategic planning, financial and other management resources to its affiliated business ventures in the real estate, automotive retailing, beer distribution, scrap metal, industrial services and transportation industries, among others.  For more information on Anthony Soave and Soave Enterprises, please visit

Soave Enterprises

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