Santa Barbara Auto Group is excited to announce the upcoming arrival of the smart electric drive.  The all-new smart electric drive marries efficiency, spark, and innovation in one exciting vehicle.  Featuring zippy driving power, incredible fuel efficiency, and smart safety features, the smart electric drive certainly raises the bar for electric vehicles.  Plus, California drivers can get excited because it will be offered at the lowest price on the market, keeping all this incredible affordable.logo-0

Fuel Efficiency for the Future

Santa Barbara drivers who are looking to save on commuting costs will be well pleased with the fuel efficiency of the smart electric drive.  Featuring 122 city MPGe, this unique car makes the painful memories of filling up the tank fade into the past.

The smart electric drive offers only one single gear, so dynamic torque is immediately available at the push of the pedal providing quick and seamless acceleration.  Plus, with the smart electric drive, owners no longer deal with emissions, shifting gears, gassing up, or changing oil.  No hassles, no guilt – all that is needed is a plug and a destination.

Clean and Convenient Power

For the smart electric drive, charging is easy and convenient.  Any household socket can be used as a charging station.  The smart electric drive is powered by a 17.6kWh electric battery that recharges efficiently, giving drivers the ability to get out and go anytime they need.

For even faster charging abilities, smart owners will be able to install a 240-volt SPX charging station in their home.  This station is capable of charging the smart electric drive from 0-100% in just six hours.  Each battery charge provides enough power for an average of 68 miles.  Furthermore, to help conserve energy on the go, the smart electric drive also features regenerative braking technology.

Impressed with this battery yet?  It is based on the latest electric drive technology.  The compact lithium-ion battery consists of 93 modules and is safely housed in underbody of the smart electric drive, ensuring a low center of gravity and enhancing the agility and control of the car for a noticeably smoother driving experience.

Why Go Electric?

Since its discovery, electricity has been an environmentally friendly, cheap, and widely available source of power.  Thanks to the standard charging plug, electric power is available virtually anywhere a driver may want to go – at home, at work, or at public charging stations.  Also, drivers of the smart electric drive can take advantage of federal, state, and local tax credits offered for EV drivers and enjoy incentives like VIP parking and access to HOV lanes on the highway.

Santa Barbara drivers who want to learn more about this incredible new vehicle should contact Smart Center Santa Barbara for all the updates, release, dates, and other information.  Drivers can schedule a future test drive or register to receive news and information regarding the launch schedule for later this year.

About smart center Santa Barbara

At smart center Santa Barbara, customers can expect to receive the highest in customer service assistance.  Smart center Santa Barbara is conveniently located off the 101 and Hope Ave and proudly serves Santa Barbara and the greater Southern California area, featuring a diverse array of smart cars.  Friendly and experienced sales representatives are available seven days a week to address customers’ needs and questions.  For more information about a smart fortwo or to schedule a test drive, please call, email, or visit the dealership.

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