Steel scrap recycling is an important aspect of the metal recycling services offered by H&H Metals.  Steel is an integral part of infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, and other modern industries across the globe.  As a result, it is one of the most commonly used and recycled metals in the world.  In fact, steel scrap can be sourced from a variety of places, including household appliances, automotive scrap, and industrial scrap metal waste.  H&H metals accepts steel scrap metal from private and business clients, and can help companies develop more efficient scrap metal management processes for steel scrap.

The steel manufacturing industry and the steel recycling industry help fuel economies around the world by creating jobs and producing a valuable resource.  Even though steel is an integral part of any modern society, many people take it for granted are not aware of its history, applications, and potential for today’s developing communities.  For example, many people do not know that the name “steel” actually refers to many different kinds of iron-based alloys, not one specific kind of metal.

The Beginnings of Steel

Steel is not a new material.  It has been around for centuries.  In fact, the oldest artifacts of steel have been found in East Africa and date back to 1400 BCE.  Steel is not a natural element that can be mined from the earth.  It is actually an alloy made from two or more natural elements, one if which is iron ore.  To create steel, the iron and other elements are heated to extreme temperatures, mixed, and carefully cooled.  The entire process must be completed with care, and subtle changes to temperatures can create different samples with unique properties.  Over the centuries, steel makers have developed an array of methods to heat the elements and to create unique types of steel.

Steel Today

In today’s modern era, steel is generally developed through a process known as oxygen steelmaking.  Molten iron is heated and mixed with steel scrap metal.  As the recycled steel and the iron ore is mixed, pure oxygen is added to the steel to help raise the temperature of the molten mixture and burn off any remaining impurities.  Later in the process, other chemicals may be added to create a layer of slag which absorbs other impurities from the steel.

Once the steel has been sufficiently purified, other chemicals or elements may be added to the mixture to achieve different properties.  The finished steel is then poured into the appropriate molds and cooled.

Recycled steel scrap metal can be sourced in many different ways including commercial scrap metal, construction scrap metal, manufacturing scrap metal, and household steel scrap metal such as old appliances.  No matter its origin, recycled steel plays a big part in environmentally friendly modern steelmaking processes.

About H & H Metals

H&H Metals, founded in 1978, is a state-of-the-arts provider of groundbreaking recycling solutions. We purchase, process and market recyclable commodities, making it possible for our customers to focus on their core business.  H&H Metals is one of Southeastern Michigan’s largest full-service scrap metal recycling companies specializing in the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our expanded 28,000 square foot Detroit processing facility annually handles in excess of 100,000 tons of material and provides worldwide shipping for our customers. With 20 trucks, a state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory and over 60 dedicated employees; H&H is able to offer a comprehensive range of specialized metals recycling services to meet the needs of our customers both large and small.

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