Recycled Steel is sourced in many ways, and its applications are virtually limitless.  H&H Metals examines three of the most common kinds of steel and their applications in daily life. 

Metal recycling at H&H Metals includes a variety of materials, the most common being steel scrap.  One of the reasons steel recycling is so important is because of the large quantity of steel used throughout the world.  Steel is the most prevalent metal in many industries including residential and commercial construction, automotive, and infrastructure development.  It is also the most recycled metal in the world.  Thanks to modern metal recycling processes, recycled steel is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly resource.  Steel scrap metal can be sourced in many ways, and has a virtually endless array of new applications.  Let’s take a look at some of the most common:

Household Applications – Stainless Steel

One common type of household steel is stainless steel.  Stainless steel did not get its name because it never stains, but because it stains less than other steel alloys.  Stainless steel is made by blending chromium and occasionally nickel into steel.  It can be used for household appliances, storage containers, and architectural applications.


High Strength Modern Steel – Carbon Steel

Most modern steel tends to be carbon steel, a blend of iron and carbon. Carbon steel can be strengthened by adding manganese and other elements.  This is known as high-strength, low-alloy steel and is generally more expensive.

Get the Job Done – Tool Steel

A third common form of steel is tool steel.  Tool steel is a blend of iron mixed with cobalt or tungsten.  This unique mixture is extra strong and heat resistant.  Because of its unique properties, is often used for creating strong, reliable tools.  Tool Steel is used for axes, chisels, and saw blades, or any other tool that requires a strong, sharp, cutting edge.

All three kinds of steel can be made using recycled steel.  Because of this, steel can be considered a sustainable resource.  For this reason, individuals and companies are encouraged to examine their current metals recycling processes to ensure these valuable resources are managed responsibly.

H&H Metals has the necessary equipment and technologies to process steel scrap and other scrap metal in a way that maximizes the value of each commodity. Cost effectively preparing material equates into a higher value for our customers. Furthermore, companies can feel good knowing they are supporting sustainable processes.

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