Poor Economy Leads to Mixed Results for the St. Louis Area Fundraising – PR.com
Chesterfield, MO, November 04, 2009 –( PR.com )– Greg Busch of LTS LeaderBoard of St. Louis (LTSSTL) announces that based on research from a recent survey, the 2009 fundraising golf tournament season produced mixed results for both area organizers
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Four Distinct Types of Consumers Emerging From the Recession, Study by – MSN Money
Decitica has identified four distinct consumer segments emerging from the recession: 1 . Steadfast Frugalists, 2. Involuntary Penny-Pinchers, 3. Pragmatic Spenders and 4. Apathetic Materialists. These categories were derived by analyzing the
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Todd Harrison, founder and CEO of Minyanville, has 18 years of experience on Wall Street. After graduating from Syracuse University with honors (1991), he spent seven years on the worldwide equity derivative desk at Morgan Stanley (vice president
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