North Scottsdale, AZ June 15, 2012 – Phoenix drivers are taking notice of a surprising change at the gas pump.  For the ninth week in a row, gas prices have continued to drop.  During a time of year generally known for rising gas prices, this change is a welcome one.

According to a AAA report, Arizona drivers are paying an average of $3.67 per gallon for regular unleaded gasoline.  This constitutes a five cent drop in the last week and almost a thirteen cent drop over the last month.

“This is great news for many of our customers,” says BMW North Scottsdale General Manager, Robert Dombrowski.  “When you combine the savings at the pump with the overall savings from BMW fuel efficient technology, it equals a lot of money back in the driver’s pocket.”

With the rise in gas prices over the last decade and an increase in environmental consciousness, BMW has focused on incorporating greater fuel efficiency in its newest models.  The BMW EfficientDynamics initiative specifically explores innovative solutions for more advanced and efficient mobility solutions.  From electric motors, to clean diesel, and hybrid technology, BMW offers drivers a wide selection of eco-friendly driving options that don’t compromise performance.

“At BMW, we are constantly focusing on reducing consumption and lowering emissions,” says Dombrowski.  “We invite drivers to stop by and learn more about the innovative technology and solutions available in this year’s new models.  Not only do they offer greener technology, but they result in greater savings at the pump.”

BMW North Scottsdale offers a complete selection of clean diesel, hybrid, and efficient gasoline models and Arizona drivers can stop by the Scottsdale showroom anytime to learn more or test drive one for themselves.


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BMW North Scottsdale is the premier BMW dealership of Arizona.  It offers both new and Certified Pre-Owned BMW vehicles.  BMW North Scottsdale is a member of the Penske Automotive team and prides itself in offering the best customer service to make car buying fun and memorable.  BMW North Scottsdale is located off N. Scottsdale Road in Phoenix, Arizona and welcomes Phoenix BMW fans in to learn more about their favorite new or used BMW models.


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