Welcome to video 119.


We are in a problem-focused reality. The funny thing about that is, we tend to go into problems to try to fix the problems we’re suffering in rather than just choosing something else.

So I’ve asked this question before and I’m going to ask it again now (can never ask it too many times 😉)

“What else is possible?”

The truth is, when we go into possibilities, we no longer have to go into problems to get where we would like to go.

“How do you that? To no longer go into problems?”, you may ask?

Well, the shift from a problem to a possibility can be as simple as asking a question like, “what else is possible here I have yet to discover?” and see what you notice. And it’s from there, from that space, that you can get clear on what your choices are and what you would like to choose as a way to create the change you desire.

So what’s the point of having problems? Well, they’re TOTALLY good for those dramatic reality television shows we can’t seem get enough of and for those sappy love songs we can’t resist blasting from our car stereos, lol.

But we certainly don’t need problems to be part of our daily lives and living.

A Space to BE With

Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions.

How many problems are you currently dealing with?

What have you done to try to fix them?

How successful have you been at resolving them?

What if you were to check-in with what possibilities are available?

Ask the question, “what else is possible?” and see what you discover?

Let’s Talk About It!

When you are willing to be in the question and look at your life from a different perspective, it opens you up to a different world of possibilities… a space where choice and change is readily available with more ease. What would it be like?

So I invite you to share your awareness and points of view on my YouTube Channel.

All right my friends. Be with that, play with that, and let me know what that’s like for you and I’ll look forward to talking to you again soon. Take care for now.

Dr. Sarah