Mercedes-Benz ventures into the future of autonomous driving with the latest F015 prototype taking to the streets without a human driver.

Mercedes-Benz is turning science fiction and fantasy into reality with the innovative new vehicle known as the Mercedes-Benz F015. This unique vehicle is the first of its kind to feature 100% autonomous driving capabilities. Imagine, getting into your car for the morning commute and being able to sit back relax, read, check emails, or chat with friends and family while the car does all the work to get you to your destination. That is exactly what Mercedes-Benz has envisioned and is making a reality.

Live on the Streets

Just last month, the brand took the vehicle from the Consumer Electronics Showroom to the streets of California. Mercedes-Benz was permitted to test the concept vehicle on the public roads of San Francisco. For an entire week, the prototype vehicle drove around the city without a single safety incident.

The Mercedes-Benz F015 is built differently from all other Mercedes-Benz vehicles. New technology and vehicle design test the norms of standard automotive design. The driver controls include gesture-based technology, eye-tracking, and touchscreens. The lighting is 100% LED and the car is even capable of projecting a crosswalk onto the road ahead when it senses pedestrians crossing. Rather than standard driver and passenger seating, the front seats are built so they can be positioned in a lounge-like fashion to allow all passengers of the car to face to the middle of the vehicle for easy communication and interaction while the vehicle keeps its eyes on the road and navigates itself to the destination point. The current prototype stays true to the elegance and sophistication of a Mercedes-Benz by including luxury design components in the cabin such as walnut veneer, premium leather, and polished aluminum and glass features.

Pushing Technology Forward with Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has said that the F015 is designed to be piloted completely autonomously but can also be driven manually. The widespread release of the vehicle is still unknown as Mercedes-Benz continues to test and improve the technology. However, the recent step of testing it on the roads of San Francisco mark an important milestone in the emergence of autonomous driving technology. The design and execution of the F015 is a huge step forward for the automotive industry as science-fiction becomes status quo. The design concept also opens up interesting and exciting discussions regarding infrastructure, legal, and safety requirements necessary to implement this kind of technology in a widespread manner. Like most technology, the applications are endless and the effect this technology may have on public transportation concepts is still unknown.   In the meantime, drivers can learn more about the incredible safety and driver assist programs already in place in the latest Mercedes-Benz models at Santa Barbara Auto Group.

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