Lawyer Matchmaker: What You Should Find Out About Your Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring Them

What You Should Find Out About Your Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring Them

Woman Finds Personal Injury Attorney Pushed For Early Settlement Because He Was Broke  


After an unfortunate accident, you and your loved ones have plenty to deal with.  The last thing you should be worrying about is if your personal injury attorney is acting in your best interest.  When finding an attorney, learn more about them before hiring them.


Kathy’s Story


Kathy severely injured her leg after stepping on a manhole cover that wasn’t properly secured.  When she hired her personal injury attorney, he seemed like someone she could trust. As her case evolved, she began to get phone calls from her attorney urging her to accept an unusually low settlement offer. When she stated that the offer was significantly out of line with what he initially valued her case at, he abruptly informed her that this was the best offer she was going to get and if she didn’t take it, she’d get nothing. Since she felt that she had no option, she took her attorneys advice and was told that her check would follow shortly. In the days following, nothing arrived in the mail. When she called to follow up with her personal injury attorney, he informed her that he was having trouble with his bank and they mistakenly froze his escrow account.


This went on for weeks and out of frustration she contacted her personal injury attorneys bank directly and spoke with the bank manager. She was shocked after she learned that her attorney had been using his trust account money (the account with her money) for his own personal expenditures. The supreme court had frozen all of her lawyers assets after finding out about multiple trust account violations from previous client complaints since they too never received their settlement checks. Kathy felt betrayed and now it was clear that her personal injury attorney pressured her to settle since he needed the cash flow to keep himself afloat.


What Could Kathy Have Done In Advance To Protect Herself?


While there’s never any guarantee, some steps could have helped Kathy find out more about her personal injury attorney:


Contact The Local Bar Association:

  • They maintain public records of attorneys that have disciplinary issues which usually include trust account violations.


Find Out If Your Personal Injury Attorney Carries Professional Liability Insurance

  • Most established attorneys are insured. If not, it’s likely that they don’t have it because they can’t afford it. You can find out if your attorney is insured by contacting your local bar association. You could also ask the personal injury attorney that you plan to hire if they carry this. If they say “Yes”, ask who it’s through. Then contact the insurance company direct to confirm coverage.


Visit Your Potential Personal Injury Lawyers Office

  • This will provide you with firsthand knowledge of how your personal injury attorney presents themselves to the world.  Do they seem organized?  Are their employees attentive? Do they look content or appear disgruntled? Are firm employees cooperative with one another? Is their workspace clean?  These variables give you a bigger picture of who you’re dealing with.


How Much Do They Advertise   

  • Firms that run TV commercials, billboards, and radio ads doesn’t make them a good or bad attorney, but it does show you that they have money to spend on advertising so they’re likely not on the brink of financial disaster.


Find Out How Long In Current Office Space

  • Knowing this gives you information on their overall stability as a firm. If they move every year, there’s likely trouble. If they’ve been at the same location for the past 18 years, that shows stength.


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