Lawyer Matchmaker: Three Qualities You Will Find In The Best Personal Injury Attorneys

Three Qualities You Will Find In The Best Personal Injury Attorneys

Find Out If Your Personal Injury Attorney Makes The Cut


You’ve been wronged or have been in an accident at no fault of your own. Now it’s time to find an attorney. Even if you’ve already hired your personal injury attorney, do they stack up?  Hiring the best possible personal injury attorney is the single most important decision you’ll make on your case. Finding the best personal injury attorney will  increase your odds of getting the best results and will minimize the stress that you experience during your pending lawsuit which can take years.  We’ve found that locating any attorney is easy, however, quality personal injury attorneys are hard to find. Below is a list of three essential traits that these attorneys share.


Good At Reading People: This is an innate skill that we estimate less than 5% of personal injury attorneys have a solid grasp on. Those that possess it have a keen ability to read body language and verbal tonality. The “at fault” parties legal team is likely going to project a strong front.  Attorneys that can sense when the other side feels vulnerable or are lying through these subtle yet revealing cues can use this information to your advantage when deciding how to proceed with your case. How can you find out if they’re good at reading people? Simply asking them will not get the job done since all attorneys think they’re good at reading others. You’ll have to dial into your own instincts and sense if they’re picking up on you.  You’ll usually feel it but with some of the best attorneys, you may not. Another option is to lie about something insignificant and pay careful attention to their reaction.  We’re not fans of lying, but this is one way of learning if they have this skill.          


Specialists In Their Area Of Law:  There are differences in what cases personal injury attorneys choose to focus on.  Some personal injury attorneys’ mostly handle complex medical malpractice cases, while others choose pharmaceutical, and another may prefer car accidents. The legal system is complex and there is a lot to know about each area of law. We suggest that you choose a personal injury attorney that is a specialist. This increases the likelihood that no aspect of your case will be overlooked since they’re up to date in the area of law you need. You can find out what area of law they focus on simply by asking them or viewing their website. We know that many personal injury attorneys’ practice in multiple areas especially if located in a small town. Asking them what percentage of their practice is in each area before revealing the details of your case will give you the information you need. We suggest that at a minimum they focus 70% of their practice in your area of law.


Strategic Thinker:  You would think that all personal injury attorneys’ possess this trait. In our experience, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Being a strategic thinker is a skill that will allow your attorney to change their approach as your lawsuit evolves.  As it moves forward they will find out information about the details of your case such as the extent of your injuries and   what caused them.  This information can be presented to the defendants insurance company in different ways. If you want to get a sense of their strategic capacity, ask them what their strategic approach is to handling cases and listen carefully to their answer.


If you would like expert assistance finding a top performing personal injury attorney, we can help, FREE of any charge to you.  Our team of lawyer referral service experts have evaluated thousands of lawsuits and personal injury attorneys’ throughout the years.  Once our lawyer referral service team learns the details of your case and completes their due diligence, we can promptly provide you with a carefully chosen quality referral.

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