Lawyer Matchmaker Finds Its Way Into The Public’s Heart

Lawyer Matchmaker Finds Its Way Into The Public’s Heart

Free Lawyer Referral Service Helps Injured Victims Find Best Attorney In Their Time Of Need


Nine months ago, Karen Spaid contacted Lawyer Locater, a lawyer referral service located in Scottsdale, Arizona, for the first time. “I’d already hired a personal injury attorney that I thought was good only to find out later that I’d made a huge mistake. I felt stuck and called a Lawyer Referral Service on a whim because I didn’t know what else to do. I thank God I did. They instructed me on how to get my attorney to release me from my contingency agreement and found me a new attorney that ultimately impressed me on every level,” said Spaid.


Unfortunately, injured victims find themselves in trouble way too often according to Brad Finsilver, Founder of Lawyer Locator. “Most people hire their attorney from getting a recommendation of a friend, finding somebody on the internet, or from seeing an advertisement without having any direct evidence of the personal injury attorneys track record or current capacity,” said Finsilver.


Finding out if an attorney is capable and qualified to handle your lawsuit is a complex process.  Here are some ways that a lawyer referral service can help injured individuals find a top personal injury attorney :


They usually search out local attorneys near injured victims then:


  • learn what the attorneys peers think of their ability through internal databases and online resources
  •  find out if the attorney has any pending or previous disciplinary proceedings with the local bar
  • interview attorney over the phone to get a sense of their overall attitude
  • find out if the attorney is absent and if the office is really run by the paralegals
  • make sure injured victims case is monitored throughout after signing up with their referral
  • find out if attorney is a specialist or a generalist in the area of injury law you need help in


Most experts agree that finding the right attorney the first time around is the best way to go.  Not only will this save you from a large amount of stress, but a bad attorney may damage your case so badly that even a good attorney can’t repair what has been done. If you move forward with the wrong attorney like the example above, it won’t always turn out well.


Should you use an attorney referral service like the one mentioned above? Should you find a personal injury attorney on your own? It’s up to you… but either way, make sure you know what you’re getting into before you proceed. If you decide that using a lawyer referral service is for you, Lawyer Locator (8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd. #315 Scottsdale, AZ 85255) can be reached by visiting or calling 800-229-1377.


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