Lawyer Matchmaker: Finding A Quality Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

Finding A Quality Personal Injury Lawyer You Can Trust

How To Easily Find A Smart Honorable Personal Injury Lawyer


Finding a personal injury lawyer after your accident can be overwhelming. Should you choose the one from the ad you see every night on TV? The one on the billboard that you see on your way to work? He looks like a nice guy, but how do you if he’s any good? You know the stakes are high and understand that if you hire the wrong personal injury lawyer it could cost you thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars. You know that all lawyers are not created equal, however don’t know how to select a good one. Here’s a survival guide of things you can look for, do, and ask to find out what kind of personal injury lawyer you are about to hire.


Do they have a website?

  • While having a website alone doesn’t make any personal injury lawyer good or bad, it is an indicator of their financial capacity and attitude.  Not having a website reveals that they may be on a shoestring budget and may lack the resources needed to take your case to trial if warranted.  We understand that some personal injury lawyers are so sought after that they don’t need a website, but this is an exception, not the rule.  Trial is costly so your law firm needs adequate resources to protect your interests.


Do they have malpractice insurance?

  • Personal injury attorneys that don’t carry thisare high risk for one of two reasons.
    • They can’t afford it – If their resources are limited they may feel pressured to settle your matter for less than it’s worth since going the distance would be too costly and risky for them
    • They don’t feel it’s worth it – Those that don’t carry liability insurance show that they take unnecessary risk. If they’re willing to put themselves at risk you can be assured that they’ll put you at risk.
  • To find out if your personal injury lawyer is covered, contact your local bar association.


Do they have bar complaints?

  • Your local lawyer bar association will have a record of any personal injury lawyer disciplinary history.  If you find a history of disciplinary actions, take this seriously and locate another lawyer. Some bar associations allow you to access this information online while others require that you call them.


Do they guarantee results?

  • Personal injury lawyers that guarantee results are usually the ones that fail to deliver.  The personal injury lawyers that are hesitant to make promises are more realistic and have better judgment since they know all cases have pitfalls.  Having an awareness of these pitfalls allows them to prepare for and overcome them.  If your personal injury attorney guarantees results, they have displayed an arrogant attitude and we strongly suggest that you quickly find another one.


What is their strategy on your case?

  • Asking this question gives you valuable insight into how your attorney thinks. If they give you a detailed step-by-step answer that you understand, you’re on the right track.  If they make a general comment like “I love the court room” and don’t answer your question, run for the door.  If they’re offended by this question, find another personal injury lawyer.


Do they take their own cases to trial?

  • Many personal injury lawyers farm out their cases that need to go to trial since they don’t have the skill level or financial capacity to pursue your interests. We suggest that you find a personal injury lawyer that can handle everything in house since this is an indicator of previous success.


Sorting out personal injury lawyers isn’t for everyone. If you would like free help, a lawyer referral service is an alternative option. One lawyer referral service company that we suggest is Lawyer Locater. Their team of attorney referral specialists have evaluated thousands of lawsuits and personal injury attorneys’ throughout the years.  Once they learn the details of your case and complete their due diligence, they will provide you with a carefully chosen quality referral in your area.   Lawyer Locator is located at 8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd. #315 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 and can be reached by calling 800-220-0114 or by visiting


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