Lawyer Matchmaker: Find Out if Your Personal Injury Attorney is Lying to You

Find Out If Your Personal Injury Attorney Is Lying To You

Experts Find That Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys Can’t Hide Body Language

Larry was in a horrible car crash as a result of the negligence of the other driver and had a multi-million dollar lawsuit due to the extreme and permanent nature of his injuries. He would find his attorney using a trusted “peer reviewed” national attorney referral service website. His attorney was “A” rated, which is the highest rating possible, so he had faith that his personal injury attorney would do a good job.


During his lawsuit, his personal injury attorney proved himself to be a smart strategist and appropriately aggressive. Unfortunately, he would find that these skills alone weren’t enough.  While at a settlement conference the defense brought to his attention that he had agreed to waive the first million dollars of his recovery. He was flabbergasted since he never agreed to such a waiver. When he confronted his personal injury attorney about the waiver, his attorney claimed that he presented it to him and had previously obtained his direct approval. He contemplated what his personal injury attorney said, believing for a moment that he must have somehow overlooked the waiver, since his attorney delivered this message with such conviction. Moments later he snapped back into reality knowing that his personal injury attorney’s statement was false, however, felt a sense of craziness since he couldn’t believe how blatant his lie was. He now wondered if this was the first lie or were there many lies.  He felt like a fool for trusting his personal injury attorney and wondered if there was anything he could have done to find out about his lack of honesty sooner.


Three Things To Focus On When Determining If Your Personal Injury Attorney Is Lying To You


Most people think they have great instincts when asked if they can spot a liar, however, according to deception experts the average person can only spot a lie only 53% of the time.  That’s barely better than a coin flip.  With the right training you will find that you can increase your ability to spot lies as much as 37%.  That means you’ll know if your personal injury attorney is lying to you as much as 90% of the time if you direct your attention to three things:


  • Body Language
  • Facial Expressions
  • Vocal Tone 


Deception experts agree that these three nonverbal things communicate about 80% of the message, and that the content of the message itself – only 20%.  When talking to others focus your attention on how things are said rather than the content itself.


Body Language Clues To Deceit


  • Covering mouth with hand – male personal injury attorneys are more likely to do this than their female peers when lying.
  • Touching below eye – female personal injury attorneys are more likely to do this when lying than their male colleges.
  • Blink rates – male and female personal injury attorneys alike will often involuntarily blink more when lying than when compared to telling the truth.
  • Eye contact – The average personal injury attorney makes eye contact 30-60% during a conversation.  Personal injury attorneys that see themselves as good liars make more eye contact when lying since they know you’re looking for a lack of eye contact.  On the other hand, those that see themselves as bad liars make less eye contact when lying.
  • Head shaking side to side, not up and down – When making a positive statement such as “I like you”, if your personal injury attorneys head turns from left to right or right to left like they’re saying “No”, it’s likely that they’re lying to you.  When telling the truth their head should nod up and down when making a positive statement.  If they make a negative statement like “I don’t like your odds at trial” shaking their head shaking side to side means they’re likely telling the truth.


Facial Expressions


  • Putting on a fake smile – the most common way people hide negative feelings it through a fake smile.  A fake smile is easy to spot of you focus on the eyes since controlling the muscles in the upper cheek bones and eyes are nearly impossible to do.  When genuinely smiling the muscles in the cheek bones lift creating crow’s feet near the eyes.  If you find that you’re personal injury attorney wears a fake smile when he says “I love practicing law”, be weary since he’s likely not sharing his true feelings.
  •  Even expressions – authentic facial expressions are evenly expressed on both sides of the face excluding contempt.  If the persons frown or smile is lopsided, they’re likely faking their expression.


Vocal Tone

  • Pitch – if your personal injury attorney is lying you will find that the pitch of their voice will increase.
  • Speed – If you find that your personal injury attorney begins speaking faster, it means that they are uncomfortable about something which could mean they are lying.


The above information was provided by Lawyer Locator, a one-on-one lawyer referral service whose specialists are skilled at lie detection.  If you would like their help finding a trustworthy personal injury attorney, they can assist, FREE of any charge to you. Their team of lawyer referral service experts have evaluated thousands of lawsuits and personal injury attorneys’ throughout the years. Once they learn the details of your case and complete their due diligence,  they will promptly provide you with a carefully chosen quality referral.


Lawyer Locator is located at 8711 E. Pinnacle Peak Rd. #315 Scottsdale, AZ 85255 and can be reached by calling 800-220-0114 or by visiting


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