local business listing holiday season readinessLocal business listings give your business the opportunity, for free, to make coupons, offers, discounts, photos, videos and more available to local customers. You can be as big as a Target and as small as a florist to take advantage of local business listings. As long as your business is dependent upon the local economy for your revenue, local business listings is an important local business marketing tool.

Local business listings show up in search results, in mobile search results and also in mobile applications. For this reason it is important that you to claim, update and manage your local business listing at multiple local listing websites, search engines, social communities, 411 websites, GPS websites and business directories. There is more to this than just Google.

If you have started to work with your local business listing, here are some tips for the holidays:

  • Add photos about your business, products and services
  • Add videos about your business, products and services
  • Update your local listings keywords, categories and tags
  • Create a coupon highlighting holiday specials
  • Link to a menu of holiday events and offers
  • Update your holiday business hours
  • Write a post or add an event to engage with your local customers

These interactive yellow pages are important in your business marketing toolbox and you will have to watch for customer reviews as well. While you are in the process of updating your local business listings, you might as well start planning how to get satisfied customers to submit high ratings and positive comments about your business. You may wish to include:

  • Displays cards asking for high ratings and positive comments at checkout or at the front counter.
  • Make a laptop or computer available for customers to add their comments to your listing while they are in your store or office (if appropriate)
  • Have cards ready to include with any purchase or perhaps with your invoices that you send out.

Customer comments are important not only for your business listing now, but also in the future. Get a start on managing the customer reviews sooner rather than later!

Certainly your time resources are limited and Local Business Listing Optimization Services are provided by SmartFinds Internet Marketing. Additionally, this cost-effective service may eliminate your need for yellow pages advertising and its costs. Let the experts with over 16 years of Internet marketing experience help you use this local business marketing tool properly and prevent brand security issues from occurring.