Increase Work Quality and Profitability with High Quality Carbide Inserts

//Increase Work Quality and Profitability with High Quality Carbide Inserts

Increase Work Quality and Profitability with High Quality Carbide Inserts

Tungsten carbide inserts offer high quality results for those in the Cutting Tool Industry and can now be purchased at a fraction of the original cost through 

Within the machining industry, the quality of tools used directly affects the quality of the finished product. Consequently, those in the Cutting Tool Industry know that in order to remain competitive within the market, it is important to have the right equipment. These may include carbide inserts, endmills, drills, taps, milling tools, turning tools, boring, bars, rotating tool holders, drilling tools, rotary boring tools, and other machine tool accessories.

The Benefits of Carbide Inserts

What makes these tools so unique is the material they are made from. Not just every tool can cut through hard materials such as carbon steel or stainless steel. For these kinds of projects, the best material to work with is a tool made from tungsten carbide. Tools made from carbide are able to cut through difficult materials when other tools would wear away. In addition to strength and endurance, carbide inserts allow for more precision and faster machining at higher temperatures than other cutting tools. Overall, tungsten carbide inserts are the most popular for machine cutting. The material has been around for over eighty years and is preferred for its overall reliability.

Save Now on Carbide Inserts

In the past, the only way to obtain tungsten carbide inserts was to purchase the cutting tools directly from a supplier or manufacturer. However, once a job was finished, the user was then left with a surplus of tools. Additionally, suppliers would be left with overstock of goods as new product became available or customer orders changed. As a result, the cost of lost goods resulted in losses for the supplier and their customers. In fact, the U.S. Cutting Tools market estimates that there is as much as one billion dollars in surplus and overstock goods that exist among the industrial distribution companies. Now, however, there is a way for distributers, end users, and even manufacturers to buy and sell surplus inventory at a greatly reduced price.

Cutting tool customers can now purchase surplus cutting tool inventory directly from manufacturers and suppliers through This enables users to procure high quality tungsten cutting tools for a fraction of the price. The site allows users to browse available overstock inventory or sell their own excess product conveniently and securely.


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