Home Care Tips for Managing Elderly Care in the New Year

Home care responsibilities can be a lot to handle at times, but with a few tips, caregivers can successfully manage their duties during the New Year.


Home care providers all know that the holidays present both a joyful and stressful time, especially for anyone responsible for the care of an aging relative.  Balancing your schedule seems to get much busier and it gets harder to fit everything in. As the New Year begins, keep these tips in mind for managing your home care responsibilities and your personal time.


Enlist Some Help for Home Care Responsibilities

During the holidays, kids are home from school, adults typically have time off work and the relatives are in town to spend time with you and help out!  After the holidays ends, it is easy to continue working together to support each other.  Delegate responsibilities like assisting with meal preparations, helping with transportation needs, or running errands to others in your family.  If no one lives close by, consider hiring a home care service to help out with these and other needs.  Home care services are available on a part or full-time basis and can offer some respite when necessary.


Take Time Out for Yourself

Providing home care can be very time consuming, and during the holidays you are required to split up your time with family, friends and caring for your elderly loved one. Do what you can to dedicate as much time as you can to everyone you care for, but do not feel bad about taking care of your own needs and responsibilities this time of year. Have family members help out or hire an in-home caregiver to ease some of the stress.  After the holidays, be sure to continue healthy behaviors of taking breaks for yourself.


Help Can Be There Even When You Cannot

It can be very depressing and lonely for older family members who live far away from their loved ones. If you were not able to visit during the holidays, be sure your elderly relative has someone to spend time with.  Even if you were able to spend time with your aging loved ones, the period after the holidays can be a hard time when everyone who came to visit returns home and leaves your loved one feeling lonely. An in-home caregiver could offer a great companion, or it may help to encourage your loved one to get involved with peers in their community. Also, take advantage of technology and try to video chat with your loved one throughout the year, especially on special occasions!


Enjoy the Moment

With the onset of the New Year, it is important to remember what is most important.  Life is to be enjoyed, and spending time with loved ones is a great way to accomplish that.  You may have tons to think about and responsibilities to get to after the holidays, but try to live in the moment and enjoy your loved ones company every day.


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