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ComForcare Home Care provides helpful home care services for aging clients and their families.  Millions of Americans are providing home care services for their parents or grandparents, and may be challenged to find the balance they need to manage their caregiving responsibilities and their own personal needs.  As an unpaid caregiver for a relative or friend, finding time for yourself can prove difficult.  For those who are unable to take time away for themselves, it can lead to exhaustion, burnout, and increased stress – which can take a toll on their own health.

To help strike a balance between caring for yourself and caring for another, it is important to tend to your own needs.  Below are some tips from our home care team to help you achieve the life balance and rest that will improve not only the quality of your life, but the quality of the care you give as well.

1)      Maintain and strengthen social bonds. Do not allow yourself to drift away from family members and friends due to time constraints imposed by your home care responsibilities. A strong support system is crucial for dealing with the stress that accompanies caregiving. Make attempts to socialize and get out of the house on a regular basis, even if it is just for a one-hour lunch or a bike ride with a friend.  Home care respite services are available from ComForcare to enable caregivers to find the time they need to relax and refocus, even if it is for just an hour a day.

2)      Join a support group. While spending time with loved ones is important, it is equally helpful to talk and exchange stories with people who share your caregiving experiences. Knowing that others have gotten through it successfully is encouraging, and the possibility for making new friends exists whenever you take part in any group or activity.

3)      Tend to your own health. Do not neglect your medical needs, whether that means regular doctor’s visits or maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. An ill caregiver is an inefficient caregiver – so by maintaining your own health, you will inevitably provide better care to your loved one.

4)      Hire a professional caregiver on a part or full time basis. Allowing professional caregivers from companies like ComForcare to take care of your loved one will enable you to have a life, regardless of whether the professional caregiver works part or full time. You can dump the guilt and rest assured that your loved one’s needs are in the hands of a trained professional.

ComForcare Home Care offers home care services designed to meet the specific needs of each client and their family.  Home care providers can work with family caregivers to share the responsibilities or can step in to provide comprehensive care for aging loved ones or even those dealing with the challenges of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  To learn more about how you can partner with the ComForcare team in your area, visit us online at http://www.comforcare.com.

About ComForcare Home Care

ComForcare is a premier provider of private-duty, non-medical home care services to people of all ages, with offices located nationwide. Each office employs experienced, compassionate caregivers who make life easier for those coping with a chronic medical condition, recovering from an illness or injury, or dealing with the challenges of aging – in the comfort of their own home. ComForcare offers home care services including personal care, homemaking, transportation, companionship and family respite services to improve the quality of life and level of independence for every individual and family receiving its services.  Each ComForcare office is independently owned and operated.

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