Home Care Services and the Family

Home care is often provided by children for their aging parents.  According to a recent article from the Huffington Post, many aging adults want their “favorite” child to be their caregiver.  What comes as shocking to some and understandable to others, a new study confirms that parents do indeed have favorite children – and aging mothers, in particular, have better mental health outcomes when the preferred child provides the home care.

The Truth Comes Out

The facts associated with mothers who weren’t being cared for by their number one son or daughter are somewhat surprising. The study was launched in 2001 and began surveying mothers between the ages of 65 and 75 who had two or more children. Without hesitation, 75% of respondents were willing to name a favorite child that they would want to care for them.

The team of sociologists conducting the experiment followed up with respondents after seven years and found the following results: About half of the women – 234 – had become sick, injured or disabled and were being cared for by their preferred child, another child or no child at all. The researchers found that those who weren’t cared for by their favorite child reported being more unhappy and anxious than those who were.

The researchers found that mothers usually picked a daughter as the favorite child and often called upon the first-born when they needed help with elderly care.

Plan Ahead for Home Care

So the question remains, do you have a favorite child who you want to care for you? Or if you are already at that stage in your life, do you have a son or daughter who you feel more comfortable with as you age?  Have you had a conversation with your children regarding your wishes for home care or elderly care?  It is important to be aware of each child’s situation and determine the best plan when the time comes.  Do your children live far away?  Would significant changes need to take place for them to offer home care?

By having an open and honest conversation about your elderly care needs and requests, you can plan ahead so that when the time comes, everyone is able to support one another and a plan of action is already in place.

Consider Home Care Services

For some families, the best option is to hire a professional home care service to care for aging loved ones.  Home care providers are available on a full or part-time basis and can assist clients with everyday tasks including grooming, dressing, light housework, transportation needs, and more.  ComForcare home care agencies are located throughout the United States.  With a home care service, families have extra support caring for their aging loved ones and enjoy peace of mind knowing mom or dad is receiving the care they deserve to live a happy, comfortable, independent lifestyle.

About ComForcare Home Care

ComForcare is a premier provider of private-duty home care services to people of all ages with offices conveniently located nationwide. We can help make life easier for those coping with a chronic medical condition, recovering from an illness or injury, or dealing with the challenges of aging – in the comfort of their own homes. We offer elderly care services including personal care, homemaking, transportation, companionship and family respite services to improve the quality of life and level of independence for every individual and family receiving our services.  Each ComForcare office is independently owned and operated.


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