ComForcare Home Care caregivers provide clients with assistance at home to help prevent dangerous falls that could endanger their health. cfc

ComForcare is working to help reduce the number of falls among seniors.  The home care agency offers free fall assessment services and also companionship and home care services for clients in the comfort of their own home.

As the body ages, bones may lose some of their strength and density, causing them to be more susceptible to breaks or fractures.  According to a study by the University of Michigan, researchers believe there is a critical window of time between the moment a person’s brain senses a fall and the time it takes for muscles to respond.  When this time is lengthened, the delay makes it more difficult to recover and results in a more serious fall.

According to the study, many areas of the brain actually sense and respond to a fall much earlier than when the muscles actually respond.  The researchers looked into what parts of the brain sense the fall and when.  They found that this method can actually help determine if a person falls because their muscles don’t respond soon enough or if they lack the physical strength to recover.  For example, some people fall because the time it takes for them to respond is too delayed.  Others respond in time, but lack the physical strength or coordination to prevent the fall.  By identifying the cause of the fall in this way, doctors can better address the needs of the clients.  Medications may reduce the reaction time between the brain and the muscles.  However, if reaction times test normal, physical conditioning to strengthen the body might then be the best way to prevent further falls.

No matter the reason for a fall, the best way to stay healthy is to avoid falls altogether.  ComForcare helps clients and their families take measures to prevent dangerous falls.  ComForcare Home Care offers free fall prevention and home safety checks which include:

  • A review of the client’s medical history and medications
  • Assessment of the client’s gait and balance
  • Recommendations of resources to obtain safety devices such as shower rails, handrails, ramps and more
  • Personalized suggestions to remove hazards or obstacles around the home to improve the safety in each room

ComForcare caregivers are trained to safeguard each client from the risks of falling.  This helps build confidence so that each person can maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle at home.  From moving items to prevent tripping to providing assistance getting in or out of chair or transferring to and from bed, ComForcare caregivers are vigilant about protecting clients from falls.

About ComForcare Home Care

ComForcare is a premier provider of private-duty, non-medical home care services to people of all ages, with offices located nationwide. Each office employs experienced, compassionate caregivers who make life easier for those coping with a chronic medical condition, recovering from an illness or injury, or dealing with the challenges of aging – in the comfort of their own home. ComForcare offers home care services including personal care, homemaking, transportation, companionship and family respite services to improve the quality of life and level of independence for every individual and family receiving its services.  Each ComForcare office is independently owned and operated.