Home Care Guide: Research Examines Link between Volunteering and Better Mental Health

//Home Care Guide: Research Examines Link between Volunteering and Better Mental Health

Home Care Guide: Research Examines Link between Volunteering and Better Mental Health

ComForcare Home Care encourages seniors to discover ways they can volunteer in their community to boost their mental health. ComForcare Home Care

Home care experts agree, no matter your age, there are always steps you can take to help improve your health and well-being.  According to a recent study, one of those ways is volunteering to help others.  The study was published by BMW Public Health, a peer-reviewed journal, and presented evidence that volunteering may benefit mental health and survival.  Researchers acknowledge that further studies need to be done to solidify how and why this occurs.

Although it is a common idea that helping others has a positive effect on attitude, these findings suggest even more.  They have found that in those who frequently volunteer, mental health actually improves in areas of depression, life satisfaction, and well-being.  In light of this, the team at ComForcare encourages clients and their families to find fun ways to volunteer.

Here are some ideas for volunteering:

  • Read to children at a local school.  Many elementary schools and libraries have programs where people from the community can come and read to students during the week.  It is a great way to meet and support children in the community, and share a favorite tale.
  •  Donate food or time to a local food bank.  When you go to the grocery store, consider purchasing a couple extra items to donate to your local food bank. Better yet, offer your time to help fill bags for needy families, drive a delivery car, or promote awareness at community events.
  • Join a cause.  Search your community for a group that promotes a cause that may be near and dear to your health.  Perhaps you can support a local community garden, veteran’s group, spread health or safety awareness, raise funds for cancer research, or help support the local arts. Volunteers are always needed to make phone calls, interact with others at events, or plan events and fundraisers. 
  • Offer to help your neighbor.  Volunteering does not always have to be through an organization.  Sometimes just offering to spend time with your grandchildren to let the parents go out, lend your neighbor a helping hand with gardening, or bringing a meal to a sick friend can all be meaningful and selfless ways to reach out to others.

ComForcare caregivers are dedicated to offering the best services possible.  This includes supporting clients’ goals to volunteer.  Whether its transportation assistance to a meeting or event or someone to provide escort to activities, a ComForcare home care provider is happy to help.  Discuss your goals and ideas with your family, friends, and home care provider to garner support and you will find that volunteering is easier and more enjoyable than you ever anticipated.

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