Home care services support the needs of elderly care clients who are showing early signs of memory loss and dementia by assisting with personal care and household tasks.

When it comes to health, disease prevention is always encouraged, and a new study performed by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota suggests there may be a clue in common lifestyle habits.  The study suggests that there is a link between computer use and exercise, and preventing the early onset of mild cognitive impairment in seniors.


Dr. Yonas Geda of the Mayo Clinic of Arizona studied more than 900 patients over the age of 70 in Minnesota who were questioned about their exercise habits, computer use and other technology uses.  Of the 314 participants who both exercised and used a computer, only 6 percent showed early signs of mild cognitive impairment when screened by a medical professional.  Of the 205 study participants who did not use a computer or exercise, nearly 20 percent showed early signs of mild cognitive impairment.

With results like this, it makes sense to encourage seniors to participate in daily exercise and to engage in technology and computer use.  While study researchers cautioned that these results do not prove that this prevents mild cognitive impairment, they did suggest that exercise and computer use may be markers for individuals who make healthier lifestyle choices in general.


Helping Home Care Clients Exercise

There are ways to help home care clients or elderly family members choose healthier habits.  If they are able, suggest that they get outside each day for an early morning or evening walk.  It can be as simple as a short walk to the end of the street or a stroll through a nearby park or garden.  Home care service agencies such as ComForcare Home Care can provide experienced, compassionate caregivers to accompany seniors who wish to stretch their legs with a walk outside or with light exercises indoors.


Elderly Care Technology Tips

Home care service providers can also help seniors use a computer to keep up to date with family, news, and events.  Home care companions are available to assist with email, writing letters and watching films or shows on TV or online.  Staying up to date with friends and family through technology is a great way to continually stimulate the mind and help prevent memory loss.

Family and friends can assist seniors by setting up a computer with a large screen and accessible keyboard.  Personal notepads or tablets are also a great choice for family members who have difficulty sitting at a desk, since they can be used while seated in a comfortable chair or in bed.


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