H&H Metals Provides Personalized Metal Recycling Services to Maximize Results

Metal recycling company delivers progressive recycling services for companies of all sizes to help maximize process efficiency and revenue.


December, 2012 – H&H Metals has developed innovative scrap metal recycling solutions that can be adopted within any company. The metal recycling company offers unique services including a personalized needs assessment to help each client effectively meet their requirements and goals.


H&H Metals states, “At the onset of any program, our team conducts a total operational assessment, evaluating material handling, volumes, packaging options, potential for consolidation and more.  This usually leads to logistical improvements helping customers reduce operating expenses while enhancing revenues.”


In addition to offering comprehensive operational assessments, the company also schedules timely follow-up assessments to expedite improvement.  Each aspect of the metals recycling process can be observed to ensure all changes and processes are being administered effectively.


Furthermore, consultants at H&H Metals follow technology updates and evolving industry practices to keep clients ahead of the market to create maximum metal recycling efficiencies and revenues.  H&H continually gathers the most current commodity reports and market intelligence to keep customers well-informed about the latest recycling opportunities.


Founders Harold Guz and Howard Averbuch insist on operating the family-owned business with the highest standards of honesty from every employee.  They also provide exceptional service and client communication, with team members fluent in three languages.  Most importantly, customers can be assured that the well-trained staff provides superior supervision of day-to-day operations and all business relationships.


About H&H Metals

H&H Metals, founded in 1978, is a state-of-the-arts provider of groundbreaking recycling solutions. We purchase, process and market recyclable commodities, making it possible for our customers to focus on their core business.  H&H Metals is one of Southeastern Michigan’s largest full-service scrap metal recycling companies specializing in the processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Our expanded 28,000 square foot Detroit processing facility annually handles in excess of 100,000 tons of material and provides worldwide shipping for our customers. With 20 trucks, a state-of-the-art metallurgical laboratory and over 60 dedicated employees; H&H is able to offer a comprehensive range of specialized metals recycling services to meet the needs of our customers both large and small.

H&H Metals

29131 Michigan Ave.

Inkster, MI 48411



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