Hey, PC, Who Taught You to Fight Back? – Blueridgenow.com
SEAN SILER would never be mistaken for a movie star. A former Navy officer who wears glasses and is a tad on the heavy side, Mr. Siler works at Microsoft, where he oversees the Windows division’s adoption of new Internet connectivity software
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Agency owner helps clients market themselves – NWITimes.com
Julie Olthoff helps region businesses achieve their marketing goals. As cofounder of Via Marketing in Merrillville and sole owner of the agency located at 2636 W. U.S. 30 for the last 17 years, she works with clients to help promote their business
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As Internet Booms, the Postal Service Fights Back – New York Times
WASHINGTON — Amid unrelenting bad news, the Postal Service is striving to make the case that mail is here to stay. “We’re very optimistic about the future of mail because mail has great value,” said Susan Plonkey, vice president for sales
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