The Grand PooBox litter box is not only a nod to modern design and functionality, it’s downright practical..

Imagine that morning when you’re running out the door and half way to your car, you realize that you forgot to clean the litterbox before you left and there’s no time to do it. Well, with the Grand PooBox you can keep on going because this new litterbox is all about litter containment. The Grand PooBox is all about keeping the messy litter strategically placed in the rear half of the litter box. While we strongly recommend a good daily litter box cleaning, you’ll enjoy less litter sweep up on the outside of the box without lifting a finger. Besides its practical use, the Grand PooBox appearance is pleasing to the eye. Instead of tucking away this contemporary design in the usual litter-box locations such as a closet or worse the bathroom, this unique and modern look can sit anywhere if you so choose. It comes in various colors to fit any décor and makes a comfortable space for your feline friend to take care of business. View the Grand PooBox website at and see what modern advancement in litter box design is all about.

How to use the Grand PooBox for everyday functionality

Litter containment begins with 50% less litter. coupled with an internal grated ramp that sits from the mid-section of the bottom lid to the upper lip of the main entry offering less tracking of litter from your kitty’s paws as he/she exits the litter box. The Grand PooBox is all about changing your perception about how litter boxes are supposed to perform and what they should look like. Say good-bye to your old ugly plastic tub! The Grand PooBox is about creating positive outcomes in keeping your litter area clean and surrounding area appealing. Litter box cleaning is made simple as you remove the top lid and scoop the remains to be disposed of from the rear litter receptacle. It’s that easy and user-friendly. Take a moment to check out Grand PooBox on the web. Order one today and receive a 20% discount.

About Grand PooBox

The Grand PooBox started as a simple concept from a cat owner and interior designer who decided to improve the average litter box design while containing the daily mess. The Grand PooBox reduces the amount of litter scattered on floors using an internal grated ramp as well as incorporating a stylish modern look. After appearing on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, the Grand PooBox continues to innovate super modern, yet functional litter box designs.