Grand PooBox Contemporary Design Cat Litter Box To Consumer Market

Grand PooBox announces cat litter box pre-orders are shipping to customers and new orders will be shipping immediately.

Portland’s designer and entrepreneur, Courtney Karsted, has announced her company, Grand PooBox, LLC is shipping her newly designed cat litter box. The year long effort by Grand PooBox, LLC ( has finally come to fruition and the wait is over.

“After several years of design and development, we have finally reached the point of shipping product”, says Ms. Karsted. “We’re ready to make a splash in the world of pet products”, added Ms. Karsted.

Cat Litter Box Essentials

When shopping for a cat litter box, there are some factors to consider. The cat lover will need to choose a box appropriately sized for their cat. Additionally, you will need to know if your cat prefers an uncovered box or the privacy of a covered one. Lastly, if you live in a small urban home you may need to put your litter box in a less than desirable location such as your walk in closet or worse the bathroom. If that’s the case, why not add a litter box that blends into the décor of your home?

Grand PooBox Cat Litter Box Cat On Top

The Grand PooBox™ meets all of these requirements not to mention being budget friendly. The sleek, contemporary design is perfect for small, urban spaces. The unique design also helps to contain the litter with the addition of an internal grated ramp. The ramp helps to reduce the amount of litter strewn around the outside of the box as the cat walks up and out of the litter box.

The Grand PooBox™ is equally economic by using 50% less litter to fill the rear litter receptacle. This is a money saving idea for urban areas where the cost of living tends to be higher.

Grand PooBox Cat Litter Box In The News

The Grand PooBox™ was recently featured on “Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME” in August 2017 (Funderdome Hosts Grand PooBox On “Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME”),which helped raise the awareness of the cat litter box. In addition to the TV show appearance, a local Portland bank, Albina Community Bank, had stepped in to fund The Grand PooBox™ venture 110%. “I was very proud and excited for the support and encouragement I received at Albina”, commented Ms. Karsted.

Grand PooBox Cat Litter Box Price

The Grand PooBox™ comes in one size for single cats and retails for $98.00. Cat lovers can order The Grand PooBox™ at

About The Grand PooBox™

The Grand PooBox™ ( )

The Grand PooBox is a modern day cat litter box specifically designed for urban living. The concept is simple; Less litter = Less Mess. The Grand PooBox is where litter containment meets modern design. How do we do this? By reducing the amount of litter required filling The Grand PooBox™ and inserting an internal grated ramp. Not only will there be less litter to sweep up, The Grand PooBox™ is one litter box you won’t want to hide in a closet, or worse the bathroom.

Media Contact
Courtney Karsted, Grand PooBox, LLC
Email: ckarsted(at)

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