Give the Gift of Estate Planning

//Give the Gift of Estate Planning

Give the Gift of Estate Planning

Think of your loved ones and plan your estate now

It’s not something that people often like to think about, but eventually our time will come. Planning for your eventual death is a huge gift to those you love. To think about your loved ones and minimize the challenges for them at that time is truly a gift. Now is the time to get your estate in order and ensure that your assets go to your heirs and not the court system or taxes.

Why Estate Planning

The main benefit of estate planning is that it allows your spouses, children, or other heirs more resources by keeping your estate out of probate court and minimizing the cost of estate taxes. A qualified attorney can set up your estate, draft a will, or create a trust. Estates are governed on a state level, but federal laws can also apply, especially regarding taxes, so choose an attorney that is well versed in current state and federal laws concerning estate planning. An attorney will have the knowhow to make, carry out, and plan the passing of your estate to your heirs.

Getting Started

Meet with an experienced attorney and discuss your specific family situation and desires. Discuss all available options and preparations that you should consider. Having a durable power of attorney or a patient advocate designation in place can also make a stressful time easier for your loved ones. Updating or creating a will is another important piece of a proper estate plan. Your attorney may also recommend that a trust be established to avoid probate, minimize taxes and allow for special needs of your family.

Manage your estate

Estate planning can also be beneficial in managing your estate before you pass away. Medical issues can often leave a spouse or family unable to handle finances or tasks they used to easily manage. An attorney can help you manage your estate throughout your life to ensure that it passes into the appropriate hands in the best condition.

On-going Process

Life is ever-changing and, as your family or financial situation change, there will likely be modifications that you will want to make to your trust, your will or how your estate is set up. Your attorney is always ready to discuss and answer any questions that may arise. Likewise, as the complex estate laws change your attorney will come to you with suggested changes to take advantage of available laws and to ensure your wishes remain intact


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