What if you could be on the major search engines without a website? Yes, it is possible with Local Business Listings!

Traditional businesses that are dependent upon the local economy can now we ranked on the search engines without a website! The search engine Local Business Listing is how you can use the Internet to generate sales. This is a service that is a part of Google Local Business Listing via Google Maps, Yahoo Local Listing and Bing Local Listing.

In summary this is your free yellow page listings by with many websites including the major search engines. You might ask yourself if you still need to advertise with the traditional yellow pages. Probably not as much as in the past. We know the upcoming generations are using the Internet and their mobile devices. This same generation is probably are not familiar with the hard copy yellow pages. Baby-Boomers are a growing group of mobile device users and they will be engaged with locating businesses while they are around town too.

There are many other services that can be added to this list of three, but in all cases your business can not only show up in the search engines for a search result, but your listing will show up on mobile devices (e.g. iPhone), when your customers are traveling around town. A website is not necessary and the local business listing can become your website. Certainly this has to be a part of your local marketing strategy and be found when people are looking for your business, products or services.

Chances are over 90% of the businesses are already listed. This would include restaurants, banks, malls, franchises, and much more. Any local business is included. What is most important is to have your listing updated, reviewed, and have all your business products and services identified. The local listings allow for photos, videos, product or service descriptions, coupons, offers, discounts and much more. This is the closest to interactive yellow pages as you can get. Your listings can be updated at any time and monitored for customer reviews. Certainly not something the yellow pages can provide.

Every local business listing website like Google, Yahoo and Bing, have their own requirements about how your listing is updated and how much they are will to provide you for your free listing. Google as of this writing has a complete free service and provides statistics as well. Yahoo and Bing have a free version along with different paid levels.

Can you update your listing at all of these websites yourself? Absolutely. Would it be beneficial to have professionals update these listings for you? Yes. Not too different from getting your website ranked in the top ten for a search result, this also has quirks that are best left to the professionals. Once the listing has been updated you can opt to maintain the listing or for a small monthly fee you can have the listing maintained for you.

With the changes underway in the mobile device industry it will be important for local businesses to engage the local business listings. Get your business listed, updated and tap into the growing number of people using local business listings to find businesses, services and products.

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