Hello My Conscious Friends!

Dr. Sarah here, and welcome to video 202.

In the last video we got clear on what it is that you would like to generate and create for the New Year. Going from the usual New Year’s Resolution List to a Possibilities List from which you can choose what it is that you would like to generate and create in 2019.

Now today, we are going to clear anything that won’t allow you to BE with that, to create that, to generate that, and bring it into this reality.

Guided Exercise:

So what I would like you to do is go ahead now and close your eyes and bring your attention to your breathing.

Now tune into that Possibilities List and just notice… is there any heavy energy there? Are there thought, feelings, and emotions blocking you from being able to even show up to it?

And are you clear to what is on this Possibilities List that you would like to generate and create first? Or what are you aware of? So anything that won’t allow you to have ease and clarity on this.

Let’s take a deep breath in and blow out all the heavy on the exhale. Wow! Thank you.

Now, what are you aware of on this Possibilities List?

And if we tune in, what’s the lightest on the list that you would like to choose first? Are you clear on that?

Well, here are a couple of good questions to ask if you’re not clear on what it is you would like to choose first, and that is, just tune into each item on the list, and ask, “If I choose you, what would my life be like five months from now, one year from now? Five years from now?”

Just tune in, and if you get a light on it, then that’s one that you may end up choosing first. Whichever one resonates the lightest, what would it be like to choose that one?

Ha, anything that won’t allow you to know, BE, perceive, and receive that we destroy and uncreate it by taking a deep breath in and release all the heavy on the exhale. Wow! Thank you.

Okay, now, go ahead and open your eyes.

And what are you aware of? Are there any blocks that remain?

If there are, keep clearing on them.

If not, fantastic! Go and choose the lightest thing and generate and create this into the New Year.

A Space to BE With

Take a moment to tune in and ask yourself the following questions.

What else would you like to add to your New Year Possibilities List?

Have you found yourself stuck in not creating the thing or things you’ve been longing for due to not clearing the limitations surrounding it?

What would it take to shift out of the stuckness and move into the space of possibilities?

What’s that like? What are you aware of?

What else is possible now?

Let’s Talk About It!

When you are willing to be in the question and look at your life from a different perspective, it opens you up to a different world of possibilities… a space where choice and change is readily available with more ease. What would it be like?

So I invite you to share your awareness and points of view on my YouTube Channel.

All right my friends. Be with that, play with that, and let me know what that’s like for you and I’ll look forward to talking to you again soon. Take care for now.

Dr. Sarah