Gain a Competitive Edge with

//Gain a Competitive Edge with

Gain a Competitive Edge with

As customer demand for quality and value increases, manufacturers can gain an edge on the competition by purchasing cutting tool supplies through an innovative online marketplace.

Today’s manufacturing market requires higher product standards than ever before. Customers expect products to meet exacting standards while maintaining competitive pricing. Furthermore, the growth of the internet has created a global market that allows manufacturers to connect with customers worldwide but also requires more assertive pricing strategies. To stay ahead of the increasing pool of industry competition, manufacturers must continually improve their craftsmanship, accuracy, and optimize their pricing structure.

Set Your Company Up for Success

To succeed in this environment, companies must commit to ongoing product improvements, performance standards, and supply management. Fortunately, there is a new online marketplace that supports manufacturers in this endeavor. is an innovative online market that allows companies to purchase and sell surplus cutting tool inventory at a discounted price.

The website allows buyers to search listings from many different sellers for the exact equipment they need including carbide inserts, endmills, drills, taps, milling tools, turning tools, boring, bars, rotating tool holders, drilling tools, rotary boring tools, and other machine tool accessories. All sales are managed safely and efficiently so buyers and sellers can conveniently and securely interact with one another resulting in significant savings for both the buyers and the seller. Best of all, thanks to, manufacturers can have the benefit of purchasing high-quality equipment at a great price to ensure they maintain the highest production standards.

Reduce Losses and Supply Costs

Furthermore, allows manufacturers to reduce losses when they discontinue a project or no longer need specific cutting tools. The website allows manufacturers to list inventory online and connect with buyers across the world searching for their exact product. For the first time, industrial inventories are accessible to others and companies are able to recoup their losses on unused cutting materials. This also provides manufacturers with greater flexibility because they can purchase cutting products from another distributor as needed for specific projects.

Pass the Savings On

Whether companies are looking for new cutting tool supplies or need to liquidate unused inventory, offers a secure way to buy and sell equipment in a way that maximizes profits for both parties. These savings can then be passed on to the customer giving a company a competitive edge within the industry without compromising product standards.


Industrial Surplus Solutions, Inc. strives to be the industrial community’s premier online resource by building a marketplace that serves as a hub for buying, selling, marketing and exchanging products, ideas and information in the industrial community. Our mission is built on the foundation of our values; honesty, integrity, social responsibility and ethical business practices, which distinguish us and guide our actions. We value our customers, and deliver on our promises, in an effort to create sustainable growth in the industrial community through our services and solutions. Our combined leadership brings over 100 years of industrial experience. is just the beginning.

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