Free Online Character Counter Tool

//Free Online Character Counter Tool

Free Online Character Counter Tool

It is our pleasure to provide you with a useful online free tool that will help you count characters before you input them into a web form. The free character counting script will count the number of characters left in the box and display it below. You can then press the “Count Characters” button.

Character CounterYou can type directly into the box below or copy and paste your words to find out your exact character count. Please remember that blank spaces are counted as characters.

This character counter tool is helpful for preparing text copy for places like Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social communities that have limited space for text copy.

Other free tools available in our blog includes a Email Encoder to hide your email address on a website. Visit this email encoding tool.

Character Counter Tool Input Box

Character Counter Tool Uses

The free character counter tool can be used for a variety of uses when looking at search engine optimization in your website pages. Exceeding the limits of let’s say the web page title or the number of characters in the meta description can become a problem for the search engines.

  • Web Page Title is generally ok with 70 characters as the limit.
  • Meta Description is good with 150 characters.
  • Most web pages need a minimum of 300 characters.
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