Facebook How to Separate Personal and Business Contacts

Facebook tends to be a problem for many people when they start to mix their personal and their business contacts. For the personal contacts they are less interested in seeing communications about your business. For the business contacts they may find your personal life quite interesting and for you a bit of a problem letting your business into your personal life.

Separating these two segments of your life can be accomplished at Facebook by simply splitting them into different lists. This will allow you to continue benefit from you personal life, while separating your business contacts. The below steps are written with the assumption that you understand how to navigate through Facebook. The instructions are also based on August 2009 Facebook features, links and navigation.

– Click on the “Friends” link at the top

– Click the “+Create” on the left sidebar under Lists

– A new window will open and you can type in the list name for your business contacts (e.g. professional or business) then click “Create List” button, lower right.

– Click on “All Connections”

– You can now go through your list and click on “Add To List” down the right column for each business contact and place them into your new list.

– You now have to change your privacy settings for your wall by clicking on “Profile” at the top.

– Click on “Options” under the “Share” button.

– Click on “Settings”

– Under “Who can see posts made by friends?” click on “Customize”

– In the pop-up window under “Except These People” select the business contact list you created, then press “Okay”.

What we just accomplished is for your Facebook wall. You can now customize all other aspects of your Facebook account by hovering over “Settings” then clicking on “Privacy Settings”, and finally clicking on “Profile”.

You can now perform the same steps as above for all aspects of various Facebook features. We invite you to add your experience about Facebook privacy settings to augment the writings in this post.

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