As the least expensive Sedan offered by the brand, the Jaguar XE is proof that lowering cost does not mean compromising quality.

It’s no secret that Jaguar is a brand often thought to be tailored for upper-class drivers. They provide some of the highest quality vehicles on the market and their prices have always been indicative of that. However, the shocking price of the new Jaguar XE is almost making the brand seem charitable. The XE was made for drivers who want the luxury and style aligned with the Jaguar experience, but are looking to pay a reasonable price. The best part is that regardless of price, the Jaguar XE is anything but average. In fact, it ranks at the top of the list in the sport sedan category, offering the thrill of a sports car with the practicality of a sedan.

Offering the XE Diesel or XE S

As of now, the Jaguar XE will be available in two options, (with another arriving shortly after): the 180-hp diesel or the driver’s choice, supercharged, 340-hp V-6 XE S. Either route you choose, driver satisfaction is nearly guaranteed. However, it is more likely that the XE S will be the crowd favorite

Rather than joining the new trend of replacing steel parts with aluminum for lighter-weight, the Jaguar XE S strategically places its steel parts for optimal weight-distribution boasting an impressively light-weight 3,787 pounds. The Eaton supercharged engine pushes 11.6 psi of air into the cylinders to squeeze 340 horsepower and 332lb-ft of torque from only 3.0 liters of displacement. To put this in less technical terms, this machine provides instant thrust that progressively and seamlessly builds without ever reducing the vehicle’s aptitude for aggressive acceleration while cruising. Putting the petal to the metal in the XE S gets you from zero-to-sixty in just 4.5 seconds.

The Jaguar XE S is especially great because it offers as much value as a daily commuter as it does in the sport category. On public roads, the XE S is as smooth as a Cadillac with obviously a more inclusive style. The Jaguar XE S is a delightfully controlled ride with quick responses and an impressive fuel efficiency at a combined 26 mpg.

Though the Jaguar XE isn’t priced like the average Jaguar, the vehicle’s engineering and quality prove it derives from the same brilliant minds. To learn more about the Jaguar XE and other Jaguar models, visit Holmes Jaguar of Shrevport and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

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