Compuware Corporation Offers Gomez Web Monitoring to Help Retailers Protect Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Detroit (PRWEB) November 17, 2009 — To keep retail Web sites working optimally and shoppers buying, Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ:CPWR), through its Web performance division Gomez, is spreading the holiday cheer. With $44.7B in online sales at stake this holiday season, retailers are counting more than ever on Web channels to attract shoppers and fill shopping carts.

Compuware Cyber Monday
From Black Friday through Cyber Monday (November 27 through 30) when shoppers usually flock online to take advantage of special promotions and free shipping, Compuware will offer online retailers free Gomez Web performance monitoring and consulting services to help retailers identify and resolve the source of Web site errors, outages or slowdowns to optimize performance. The company will also offer priority access to its Vantage problem resolution teams for situations when Web monitoring indicates issues originating from the datacenter and require onsite triage services. Vantage services are available on a preferred basis to program registrants with normal applicable fees. No other vendor can match the breadth of our capabilities to optimize application performance from the Enterprise to the Internet.

Starting today, retailers can visit to register for complimentary Web monitoring and priority service over the holiday weekend and on Cyber Monday. Upon registration, Compuware will initiate Gomez Web performance monitoring of a retailer’s online shopping Web site including testing to measure response times and availability across multiple geographies, ISPs and connection speeds. Compuware will provide real-time alerts to the retailer if Web site performance issues are identified and will also provide a dedicated toll free number for retailers to contact Compuware experts in the event that application performance issues are identified by the retailer before they become outwardly evident.

“To compete for customers’ clicks and wallets, retailers are adding considerable richness and extra functionalities to their Web sites. This increased complexity, combined with surging Web traffic and consumers’ high expectations for fast and error-free online shopping, creates a perfect storm for Web site problems precisely when retailers are most in need of peak performance,” said Bob Paul, Compuware President and COO. “Fortunately, we are here to help retailers sail through this crucial weekend. No other vendor can match the breadth of our capabilities to optimize application performance from the Enterprise to the Internet.”

The offer is available to all online retailers and extends through November 30.

Gomez, the Web performance division of Compuware, provides the industry’s leading solutions for optimizing the performance, availability, and quality of Web and mobile applications. The on-demand Gomez platform integrates solutions for Web load testing, Web performance management, Web cross-browser testing, and Web performance business analysis that test and measure Web and mobile applications from the “outside-in” – across all users, browsers, devices, and geographies – using a global network of over 100,000 locations. When combined with Compuware Vantage, Gomez offers the industry’s only solution for optimizing application performance across the Enterprise and the Internet. Over 2,500 customers worldwide, ranging from small companies to large enterprises – including 12 of the top 20 most visited US Web sites – use Gomez solutions to increase revenue, build brand loyalty, and decrease costs.

Compuware Vantage provides end-to-end management of application performance to ensure problems are detected proactively and solved quickly and efficiently, and IT service delivery is aligned with business needs. Compuware Vantage is the market’s only IT service management solution that integrates end-user experience monitoring, application performance management and business service management into a single offering.

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