Bloomfield Hills, MI August 1, 2012 – ComForcare Home Care announces the launch of Patient Centered Transitions by ComForcare. This transitions of care (TOC) program is a home care program that aims to reduce hospital readmission rates by providing high-level at-home care immediately following a hospital discharge via an experienced nurse or caregiver.

ComForcare has more than 35 franchise locations that have already implemented the Patient Centered Transitions by ComForcare program to assist patients transitioning from the hospital to home. More than 50 additional ComForcare locations are in the process of launching the TOC program, working toward ComForcare’s goal of having the Patient Centered Transitions program implemented at every location in the U.S. and Canada.

Studies show that for each day a patient spends in the hospital, a week of recovery time spent at home in bed is required for a full recovery. The TOC program helps ease the transition from the hospital and assures that home care patients will not have to endure the difficult recovery period on their own.

Each of the nurses and caregivers involved in the TOC program are certified and receive specialized training, which focuses on educating caregivers about specific conditions, certain red flags to watch out for following a hospital discharge, and how to educate a client about self-managing their condition. By taking a patient-centered approach, the training each home care provider receives is tailored specifically to the needs of the client to whom they are assigned. TOC-certified caregivers are trained on how to use certain medical equipment in a home-based setting, patient transfer techniques, range of motion (ROM) exercises and other skills needed to properly provide care for patients returning home from the hospital.

“The focus of the Transitions of Care program is on front-loaded care oversight, which means care is provided heavily in the beginning and slowly tapers down until the client is eventually able to manage their own care,” said Rebecca Bouchard, ComForcare Director of Programs and Services. “These are much-needed services and we’re happy to help make the transition from hospital to home easier for patients and assist in their recovery.”

The experienced nurses and caregivers behind TOC meet with the hospital discharge planner shortly before the patient is set to leave the hospital to ensure the patient has everything needed for a safe transition home. This includes all necessary medications, directions on how the medications are to be taken, specific instructions on physical limitations and dietary recommendations and information about when to schedule follow-up physician visits.

TOC also provides a valuable service to hospitals. Medicare spending on what is considered to be “avoidable readmissions” has climbed to nearly $12 billion, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission. To offset those costs, starting in October 2012, the federal Medicare system will begin imposing fines and penalties on hospitals with high readmission rates among certain Medicare patients, including those with heart attacks, pneumonia and congestive heart failure.

Faced with the prospect of these new penalties, hospitals will need to ensure high-risk patients fully understand their discharge plans and that extra precautions are put in place to help reduce readmission rates as much as possible. ComForcare nurses and caregivers trained in the TOC program are available around-the-clock to communicate with hospital staff about the status of the patient’s health.

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