ComForcare Home Care Provides Free Home Safety and Fall Assessment Program

Home care agency supports senior safety by offering complimentary safety assessment services for seniors choosing to age in their own home. COMFORCARE LOGO

ComForcare Home Care is concerned about the safety of seniors, including the danger of falls in the home.  Every year in the United States, thousands of adults turn 65 and are choosing to spend their retirement years in the comfort of their own home.  However, as the body ages, there are certain changes that take place which can make everyday tasks more difficult and dangerous.  ComForcare Home Care partners with families to provide services and assessments to help ensure seniors can remain comfortable and safe in their homes.

For those who have chosen to age in place, there are some important things to consider.  One of the most impactful issues for independent living can be mobility.  As people age, they may require more assistance to get around.  This can include the use of a cane, wheelchair, or walker.  ComForcare works with clients and families to assess their homes for any mobility or safety issues that may go unnoticed but could pose a threat.  For seniors, falls can be a serious concern, so the home care agency provides free fall prevention and home safety assessments to address safety and accessibility concerns for seniors which include:

Entryways:  ComForcare suggests clients observe their front entrance for accessibility and consider implementing a ramp or chair or stair lifts and appropriate porch coverings to prevent against fall hazards including snow, rain, and ice.

Kitchen Area:  Another area of the house that ComForcare home care providers will observe is the kitchen.  It is important to reduce fire hazards, ensure appliances and cupboards are accessible, and to create convenient work spaces that can be used while sitting.

Bathrooms:  Many falls occur in the bathroom, so it is important to access the accessibility and safety of this area for seniors.  ComForcare home care providers may suggest a walk in shower instead of a tub, toilet seats that provide a more comfortable height, grab bars in the shower and near the toilet, and non-slip mats on the floors of the tub or shower.  These features will make the bathroom safer and easier to use for individuals who may have increasing mobility issues as they age.

Ease of Use:  In general, by making a few basic changes, families can increase the comfort of an aging loved one in their own home.  This includes switching out old light switches and replacing them with smooth wide switches that are easier to use.  It may also include remodeling rooms for easier access or adding additional lighting throughout the house.  In extreme cases, emergency remodels may be necessary to create a more accessible living space (for example creating a bedroom downstairs).

Client Care:  ComForcare home care nurses will also assess the gait and balance of your loved one and can review any pertinent medical information, history, and medications.  Based on these observations, they can make suggestions for improving the comfort and safety of your loved one.

ComForcare home care providers are trained to safeguard your loved one from the risks of falling or accidents.  This helps build confidence so that he or she can maintain a healthy and independent lifestyle at home.  From moving items to prevent tripping to providing assistance getting in or out of a chair or transferring to and from bed, home care nurses are vigilant about protecting your loved one.  To schedule a free home assessment, contact your local ComForcare office today.

About ComForcare Home Care

ComForcare is a premier provider of private-duty, non-medical home care services to people of all ages, with offices located nationwide. Each office employs experienced, compassionate caregivers who make life easier for those coping with a chronic medical condition, recovering from an illness or injury, or dealing with the challenges of aging – in the comfort of their own home. ComForcare offers home care services including personal care, homemaking, transportation, companionship and family respite services to improve the quality of life and level of independence for every individual and family receiving its services.  Each ComForcare office is independently owned and operated.

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