Choosing Expert Legal Counsel makes Life Changes Easier for Everyone

//Choosing Expert Legal Counsel makes Life Changes Easier for Everyone

Choosing Expert Legal Counsel makes Life Changes Easier for Everyone

Divorce is hard enough on your emotions, choose an experienced lawyer that can mitigate the additional challenges and heartache

This maybe one of the hardest and emotionally draining experiences of your life. The decision to seek a divorce may have been a joint decision, something that you worked hard to avoid, or closure on a chapter in your life. There are many emotions and expert legal counsel can help guide you through to the best solution, without allowing emotions to cloud your long-term judgment. An experienced divorce attorney should have the experience and training necessary to provide you with positive results.

Situation like no other

Each client is unique and has a situation like no other. Your attorney should seek to understand your case from your perspective before recommending a course of action. The first attempt should be to resolve your matter as amicably as possible through a settlement. This is not always possible, so your attorney should be prepared and confident to bring your case to trial.

Divorce is a Process

Clients are not experts in the legal process of a divorce. For many this may be their first time working with an attorney and the unknown can seem overwhelming. An experienced attorney can set your mind at ease, clearly explaining the legal and financial consequences that are involved in ending a marriage. They should also clearly explain your legal rights and the rights of your children. Having worked with many clients, they can clarify how the court makes complex decisions that are involved in divorce cases. The laws of divorce are intricate, but your attorney can explain how the laws are interpreted and how they will impact you and your loved ones. Ask as many questions as you want, your attorney is working for you.

Divorce options

Michigan has specific requirements to obtain a divorce. Your attorney should help you understand these requirements and help you understand which legal approach is best for your situation.

  • Collaborative Law: You want to have your attorney work as a peaceful advocate during a positive, problem-solving negotiation with your spouse and their legal counsel.
  • Mediation: In this process you work with your spouse and a neutral mediator to obtain a fair, reasonable, and amicable separation or divorce. This process is often preferred to litigation as it saves time and money as well as minimizes the emotional damages to you and any children involved.
  • Litigation: Your attorney will see your case from the beginning to end, ensuring that your rights are protected through the division of property, debts, child custody, child support, spousal maintenance, and any other issues. Your voice will be heard and when needed your attorney should be able to easily call upon financial specialist, business appraisers, child psychologists, child custody evaluators and any other professional that would allow them to more fully represent your case in court.

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Michigan Law Solutions

Our experienced attorneys are committed to providing our clients with the guidance and support that they need to resolve their legal issues. With over five decades of experience serving clients in Southeastern Michigan, the attorneys of Michigan Law Solutions have the experience and resources to resolve your legal issues. With a broad range of expertise including, but not limited to: family law, probate, bankruptcy, and estate planning.

We are a debt relief agency and can help our clients file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code. Let us help you relieve your financial burden and set your life back on a successful financial path. Stability and peace of mind can be achieved, contact us for your free bankruptcy consultation.

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