Soave Enterprises is a privately held, Detroit-based company with holdings in dozens of companies. It is a diversified management and investment company founded by Detroit businessman Anthony Soave that provides strategic planning, financial and other management resources to its affiliated business ventures in the real estate, automotive retailing, beer distribution, scrap metal, industrial services and transportation industries, among others.

Since its founding, it has been shaped and defined by its entrepreneurial culture. This vision consistency of spirit is this company’s ever-present beacon of light, guiding the company as it navigates an ever-changing business landscape. Their leaders assess opportunity, as well as communicate their customer-first commitment.

Soave Agricultural Group Offers Healthy Produce Options

Soave offers consumers the best tomatoes around, and a major health benefit along with them. While it may seem strange, it’s a well-recognized fact that tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods out there. Tomatoes have a reputation for providing lots of healthy antioxidants.  These antioxidants support healthy blood conditions and immunity.  Antioxidants in tomatoes have also been shown to promote healthy bone health.  This is especially true for women. In one recent study, women were instructed to remove tomatoes and other vegetables that contain lycopene from their diet.  For four weeks the women at no foods that offered the healthy source of antioxidants.  After the study, the women showed increased signs of unwanted change in their bone tissue.  The study reported that the removal of lycopene from the diet put the women at an increased risk for osteoporosis. What with tomatoes being such an important part of an everyday diet, it’s equally important to get the best tomatoes out there to ensure good health. That’s where Soave Agricultural Group comes in. Soave Agricultural Group is dedicated to providing tomatoes of the highest quality to promote healthy eating. Soave Agricultural Group produces high quality tomatoes under optimum growing conditions.  By creating an optimally controlled [...]

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Soave Automotive Group Spotlights Executive Marion Battaglia

Soave Automotive Group recognized their president, Marion Battaglia, for his outstanding leadership by the company’s own Executive Spotlight program. Many customers of Aristocrat Motors and Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City have come to know Marion Battaglia, the President of The Soave Automotive Group. Since his appointment to the position in December 2006 he has strived to make the dealership a place where customer service is held in the highest regard and where employees are empowered to make decisions in the best interest of the customer without direct approval from their managers. A Legacy of Leadership A Kansas City native his whole life, Battaglia lives in Leawood with his son, Nicolas. Outside of The Soave Automotive Group, he sits on the Board of the Kansas City Motor Car Dealers, and oversees the dealership’s participation in multiple charities such as Sleepyhead Beds, Uplift, Harvesters, The Ali Kemp Foundation, Hope House, The Kansas City Art Institute, Universit of Kansas Hospital, and many more. Mr. Battaglia brings over 35 years of experience to The Soave Automotive Group, including co-ownership of The BMW Gallery and Baron BMW-Mini-VW-MINI. He has been honored with seats on the VW Regional Advisory Council and The National BMW Dealer Board. Representing [...]

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Soave Community Celebrates Small Business Success Together

Soave’s Brambleton contributes to small businesses by celebrating Small Business Saturday. Anthony Soave, as an entrepreneur himself, recognizes that small businesses are a vital part of today’s economy. They’re also the clearest representation of the American Dream. In the Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life, Bedford Falls has a small business which must strive not to be consumed by the greedy Mr. Potter. The Bailey Building and Loan is the ideal small business: beloved by the town, and with friendly, well-known owners who genuinely care about their customers. This kind of business is one which is becoming less and less common in America, as big companies buy out the little ones and start monopolizing the market. At a time like this, small businesses need all the help they can get. That’s why outreaches like Brambleton’s Small Business Saturday celebration are so important. The community of Brambleton held a massive event dedicated to supporting small businesses on November 30th, Small Business Saturday, supporting both the town’s Small Businesses as well as the Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation in the process. Beginning at 10 am in the Town Center, shoppers participated in a Candy Cane Treasure Hunt, entered for a chance to win [...]

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Soave Agriculture Group Sets Higher Standards for Clean Energy Use

Soave Agriculture group has chosen to deal with the rising costs of energy in a way that is consistent with their efficient history. In order to maximize their energy use, the company has adopted a cogeneration system, which is an efficient and energy saving way of producing energy.  “Soave Hydroponics Company began looking at ways to deal with the rising cost of energy and we soon realized that a cogeneration system could help offset the high cost of energy while also helping the environment. We are the first greenhouse application in North America to successfully install a cogeneration system of such capacity,” states the company. This is a significant move. The adoption of a cleaner, but still economically sound energy production technique is a move in the right direction for big companies. If Soave can do it, others can and should follow suit. Cogeneration Is the Key A cogeneration system simultaneously produces electricity as well as useful heat. This method loses little energy, unlike most other forms of energy production. Many others lose a large amount of energy when they operate. In most others, more than half of the energy produced is lost as excess heat. Cogeneration systems, which can get up [...]

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Soave Gives an Example for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Soave Enterprises owner, Anthony Soave, shows the way to success for other hopeful and dedicated entrepreneurs.  Soave Enterprises sets an example for aspiring entrepreneurs of what they can become. The company explains, “Since its founding, Soave Enterprises has been shaped and defined by its entrepreneurial culture. This vision consistency of spirit is Soave’s ever-present beacon of light, guiding the company as it navigates an ever-changing business landscape.” While its business model is dynamic, its corporate values remain constant. Over the course of five decades and multiple industries, Soave Enterprises has cultivated the art of intelligent risk taking. Empowered, exceptional team members act upon and respond to changing market conditions. At Soave Enterprises, the executive team understands that true leaders reach beyond the comfort of the status quo. Soave’s leaders assess opportunity, as well as communicate our customer-first commitment. This sentiment is one which aspiring entrepreneurs should take note of. Any new business relies on uniqueness and newness in order to succeed. This requires just the kind of intelligent risk taking that Soave is known for. “As a company, we embrace the strategies that advanced us in the past, while inviting new possibilities. Soave Enterprises possesses a willingness to see beyond conventional performance measurements. We [...]

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MPS Group Proud to be Safety-Conscious in Industrial and Facility Services

Soave’s MPS Group offers companies peace of mind in knowing that MPS Group is one of the safest companies out there. Anthony Soave’s employees at the MPS Group believe that safety is critical no matter what the project entails or where it's located. That is why the Soave Enterprises affiliate company takes an innovative and comprehensive approach to safety, including the development of robust health and safety plans, as well as rigorous oversight and monitoring of all aspects of our safety program. In fact, MPS is proud to consistently rank amongst the safest companies in our industry, MPS Group offers innovative practices and experienced advice for any company. “Our Industrial Services Group utilizes cutting-edge technologies, equipment and processes to meet the increasing demands of global manufacturers and companies like yours. Our customer focus and unwavering commitment to safety translates into your specialized, turnkey industrial cleaning solution,” shares the company.   MPS Group understands that safety is a prerequisite, not a cost, of operating any business. It is the foundation for any kind of business operation, and MPS Group seeks to ensure that companies guarantee the greatest amount of safety possible for employees. The company’s extensive background in Industrial Services affords MPS Group the [...]

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Soave is Leader in Recycling in Multiple Industries

Soave Enterprises participates in a myriad of environmentally friendly practices within each of its individual business affiliates. Soave Enterprises is a major recycling advocate, and one that practices what it preaches. Soave is a powerhouse in spreading the practices of recycling throughout the many industries which it has a hand in. Soave’s affiliate, MPS Group, is one which is dedicated to bringing a more efficient method to any company who needs it. MPS Group offers distinct, innovative, tested systems and processes to help you reach your environmental sustainability goals. These systems and processes introduce various greening programs and process improvement strategies to efficiently eliminate, reduce, re-use, recycle and dispose of all waste and by-products that are generated at your facilities, while minimizing your short-term risk and protecting your long-term liability. “Soave Enterprises is committed to helping support the environment by implementing green recycling practices at home and in the workplace,” the company states. No matter how small, efforts to promote sustainable processes can go a long way. Anthony Soave has always been proud to support green practices and to educate employees, partners, and clients on ways they can reduce their environmental footprint by implementing more sustainable practices. “Everyday items such as plastic containers, glass bottles, [...]

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Soave Presents Consumers with Eco Friendly Vehicle Options

Soave Automotive Group’s affiliate, Aristocrat Motors, offers the latest in eco friendly technology. The “smart fortwo,” a new smart car, is an eco friendly vehicle- and not just in its fuel emissions.  “If you are truly eco-friendly, your attitude stretches beyond the product itself to everything you do,” explains the company. “In our smartville production center, we have analyzed and increased the thermal insulation of our buildings to minimize heat loss. We collect the excess heat generated from our injection molding machines to heat our paint booths. We even have our own natural gas fired thermal energy station that supplies our hot water and some of our electricity. Environmentally sound buildings, intelligent people, technologically advanced car.” The innovation present in the smart center is astounding, and the company has consistently been at the forefront of modern hybrid technology.  “From its initial conceptualization to today's manufacturing, smart has adhered to strict Daimler environmental guidelines in an effort to protect the environment, reduce energy consumption and innovatively preserve our natural resources. Our ‘eco balance sheet’ offers fascinating insights into the future, from the demands on raw materials to a projection of future waste.” The smart center’s environmentally friendly policy of efficiency is [...]

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Soave Community and Local Business Owners Celebrate Small Business Success

Soave Enterprises celebrates the success of the Small Business events held at Brambleton Town Center last month. Brambleton, VA December, 2013 – Anthony Soave made his beginnings as a small business owner and is proud to support others local vendors and businessmen.  Brambleton’s Small Business Saturday extravaganza helped to result in a significant rush of business for small businesses within Brambleton- and they’re grateful for it. "When I'm just the owner of a neighborhood toy store, how in the world do I thank an entire community for the unimaginable outpouring of support that Go Bananas experienced this weekend? Never, never, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined Small Business Saturday like the one we had yesterday,” said Mary Holmes, owner of “Go Bananas,” a local toy store. “I am emotionally overwhelmed by your support, kind words, smiles, and hugs throughout the day. Go Bananas is my dream. It may seem silly to some. Even crazy to others. I even feel that way sometimes. But it is my dream. A dream that allows me to give back to the community I love and bring smiles to many children and their families. I thank you for investing in my dreams and our community.” [...]

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Soave Real Estate Invites You to Celebrate the Holidays in Paradise

Anthony Soave presents the perfect holiday getaway destination in picturesque Naples, Florida. Anthony Soave invites homeowners to look for a getaway destination during the winter months.  When you finally decide you are tired of shoveling snow and want to escape to a warmer, more moderate climate, you should consider Naples, Florida.  Naples is the jewel of Florida, featuring the magnificent natural beauty of the western Florida coastline, sunny weather all year around, and a refined and exciting social experience including fine dining, shopping, and entertainment. Naples was named because early settlers in the 1870s and 1880s described the bay as “surpassing the bay in Naples, Italy.”  Since then the name has stuck, and many flock to the area each year to enjoy the picturesque scenery of the warm white sand beaches. Today, many recognize Naples for its world-class resorts, hotels and luxury residences.  The city offers fine dining and entertainment options just steps away from miles of warm beaches and gentle waves.  Residents and tourists come to the area each winter to enjoy the relaxing style and comfort of the beautiful secluded beaches, small islands, and everglades. Anthony Soave invites home buyers to enjoy the beauty and lifestyle of Naples at [...]

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