Commissioning: Complying with Code and Keeping within Budget

By Sonya M. Pouncy, CEM, CMVP, LEED-AP. Sonya is a senior engineering consultant with Energy Sciences. The firm helps clients meet energy challenges with practical solutions that reduce waste and increase net operating income. Want to reduce construction project cost overruns? Want to minimize post-construction service call-backs and improve your project’s profitability? One way to help ensure quality and project delivery within budget is to be sure your construction estimate includes the minimum commissioning required by the Michigan Energy Code, which is based on ASHRAE 90.1-2013. The term commissioning comes from the ship-building industry. A commissioned ship is one that is ready and fit for service because it has undergone extensive run-testing in a series of sea trials. For any test not successfully passed, the identified problems are corrected and the test is repeated. After all tests are successfully passed, the crew is thoroughly trained to properly operate and maintain the vessel in accordance with its performance requirements for both favorable and unfavorable conditions. Only after these steps have been fulfilled is the ship deemed ready for use. Ceremony to Commission the USS Ronald Reagan by Mate First Class Brian Tallette, 2003. Similarly, when applied to a building, commissioning is a quality assurance process to [...]