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Planning for Retirement and Home Care Services

Prepare for life after working by considering elderly living options and the home care services provided within them. Reaching retirement is an exciting, yet often confusing, period in our lives. Suddenly, our days are no longer regimented, our homes are a bit emptier as our children have grown, and, unfortunately, our bodies are not as capable as they once were. As a result, many senior citizens must assess their situations and decide what their best living option is when retired. For majority of senior citizens, one of two things is important to them when making this decision: either they want to be near family, or they want to be near friends or peers who are similar in age. In either case, home care services might become a necessity at some point in retirement. In-home care is a great way for seniors to get extra assistance with daily tasks, transportation, or medical support in the privacy of their own home. Here are a few things to consider, courtesy of Alliance Senior Care, when choosing your retirement living situation. Where do you Want to Live? For most people, the biggest thing to consider when deciding where to live is ‘who do I [...]

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Prevent Senior Depression with In-Home Care Services

In-home care through Alliance Senior Care provides your elderly loved ones with companionship, an important element in combatting depression. It is becoming more and more evident that for many senior citizens, what was intended to be their golden years is turning out to be a time of struggling with isolation and depression. Home care service providers and family members of senior citizens witness this emotional decline first-hand. It isn’t easy to confront deteriorating health, mental health concerns, and diminishing independence. If a senior citizen’s living circumstances create a situation in which they are often alone, the chance of depression is even more substantial. Studies have found that depression among senior citizens can be linked to further medical issues. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) an average of 15%-20% of older adults are affected by minor depression. The study also shows that poor health can play a role in leading to depression, but is often preventable. In-Home Care Means More than Physical Health Though the main objective of in-home care services is to ensure that all medical requirements are being properly handled, there is another aspect to it as well. At Alliance Senior Care, we strive [...]

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Alliance Senior Care Sponsors the 10th Annual Caring Coalition Conference

The Caring Coalition Conference: The Best Care Possible is an educational gathering of a diverse group of caregivers with the shared goal of providing premium quality care. Alliance Senior Care believes that to provide our clients with the care they deserve, it is absolutely necessary to continuously educate our staff and remain an active participant in the wide-ranging community that makes up the health care industry. That’s why the decision to sponsor the “The Best Care Possible” conference, an annual gathering presented by the Caring Coalition, was a no-brainer. The conference will be held in Southfield, Michigan, on March 15, 2017. Nurses, social workers, clergy, case managers, nursing home administrators, home care providers, and other health care professionals will gather to network, share knowledge, and grow in each of our individual fields. The intent of the conference “is to increase understanding of the complex issues related to serious and terminal illness.” In addition, this gives our staff the opportunity to receive continuing education credits and network with a variety of care providers from different backgrounds. Improving the Health Care Industry Every industry, including the health care industry, can be improved by creating a friendly community in which to share new ideas and methods to [...]

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How to Begin Discussing In-Home Care from Alliance Senior Care

Making the decision to begin in-home care for one of your loved ones is not easy. Here are a few tips courtesy of Alliance Senior Care on how to start the conversation. Home care services can be a great resource for families who need extra support for their aging loved ones. Though there are many valuable benefits to receiving home care services, starting the conversation and making the decision are often difficult parts of the process. Seniors sometimes feel that receiving home care services means their independence is being threatened, which is an unnerving feeling. By being sensitive to these insecurities when we bring up the topic of senior services, we can avoid the daunting stigma attached to the idea. Here are a few ways to approach this discussion, courtesy of Alliance Senior Care. Start the Conversation Early: Having the conversation about senior services prior to an emergency, such as an unexpected illness or injury, can be extremely beneficial. This will allow you and your elderly loved one the time to consider and review all of the available senior services, find out what is comfortable, and organize the financial and medical resources. Start Small: It is daunting for someone to [...]

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Home Care is Personal for Patient and Provider

The staff at Alliance Senior Care build personal relationships with patients in order to learn how we can provide them the highest level of happiness. When most people consider the idea of in-home care for their elderly loved one, the idea makes them uncomfortable. On the surface, it sounds like you’re bringing a stranger into their home to watch them like an impersonal baby-sitter that monitors medicinal requirements. However, this is not the case. At Alliance Senior Care, we make it a priority to recognize that each of our patients is an individual with a unique personality, special history, and their own list of likes and dislikes. It’s important to understand that this is often a difficult and overwhelming time for senior citizens. In addition to facing health problems and sometimes financial concerns, seniors are dealing with diminishing independence, declining social activity, worsening personal health and fitness, and unfamiliar living conditions. Dealing with all of this is much easier with caring family members and home care providers who can identify the specific needs of each patient and create a safe and enjoyable living experience for them. Family Members and Care Providers Work Together In most cases, the people who know [...]

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Manage Medication Compliance with Alliance Senior Care

Home care services help to ensure that patients are taking the proper medications in the proper doses at the proper times. According to a study done by the New England Healthcare Institute, about one-tenth of hospital admissions and one-quarter of elderly care home admissions are the result of incorrect adherence to medication. The number of medications being prescribed to seniors has been exponentially growing over time, and as a result, creating a new risk for senior citizens. A simple mistake, whether it be mixing up prescriptions, taking the wrong dose, etc., could lead to serious medical problems. The staggering numbers reported by the New England Health Institute provide us with eye-opening evidence to the significance of this fairly new risk, especially in regards to senior citizens. Seniors often have numerous conflicting medications that can result in serious health risks from the smallest oversights. By having a homecare provider like Alliance Senior Care, your elderly loved ones will have assistance managing their medications. We’ve learned from experience that medication non-compliance among the elderly occurs for a number of reasons, including: Cognitive Impairments – Sometimes the medicine regimes are confusing to patients. Or memory loss plays a role and the patient forgets [...]

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Alliance Senior Care Provides Recovery Assistance for Seniors After Falls

Home care services are a great way to help seniors manage their lives throughout the recovery process after an injury due to fall. According to a report by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), among senior citizens (65 years of age and older), “falls are the leading cause of injury death… and are also the most common cause of non-fatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma.” Falls are extremely common amongst senior citizens, and the consequences can be detrimental to their overall health and independence. Being cautious by utilizing Alliance Senior Care’s home care services could ultimately help seniors retain their independence throughout and after the recovery process. Staying Comfortable at Home An unfortunate consequence of the injury sustained, falls are one of the main causes for seniors having to give up their independence and move into long-term elderly care facilities. According to the CDC, seniors age 75 or older are four times more likely to be admitted to a long-term care facility for a year or longer. Though these facilities can be great for some, most seniors agree that even highest quality facilities cannot provide the same sense of independence and comfort of living at home. Home care [...]

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Stay Healthy this Winter with Tips from Alliance Senior Care

Remaining completely independent becomes more difficult in the winter season. Having a homecare provider relieves the extra struggle of daily tasks. Alliance Senior Care provides in-home services for the elderly that might be difficult for them to do independently, like bathing, dressing, eating, etc. When it comes to surviving harsh Michigan winters, the struggle to stay healthy becomes more difficult. Though layering up to keep warm is important to stave off illness, maintaining good nutrition is the best way to help seniors stay healthy throughout winter. Eating right can seem difficult at times, especially in the winter months when there are so many unhealthy holidays and leftover desserts. However, being nutritionally conscious with your meals strengthens every part of the body, brain, and spirit. Eating healthy makes the body feel better, promotes physical activity, and improves endorphin production in the brain to increase happiness. Yet, meal-planning to create a balanced, healthy diet for the elderly ones in your life can be a time-consuming and complex process. By utilizing our services at Alliance Senior Care, you can leave that process to us. Our care providers will ensure that each meal is prepared to provide your loved ones with the vitamins, proteins, [...]

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Director at Alliance Senior Care Receives Certification from NACCM

Alliance Senior Care LLC, has announced that Dina Hurnevich, the home care firm's Director, has become a care manager certified by the National Academy of Certified Care Managers. The Director at Alliance Senior Care, Dina Hurnevich, has recently received certification from the National Academy of Certified Care Managers (NACCM), becoming a Care Manager Certified (CMC). The NACCM works to strengthen the education and training of care managers and to protect and empower consumers of long-term care management. Care managers who obtain the National Academy’s certification demonstrate a commitment to quality and continuity of care, quality of life and of dying, and continuous learning. The certification shows Dina’s and Alliance Senior Care’s continued to offer a wide array of home care services, and also provide additional support in conjunction with a hospice care program. The NACCM educates senior care providers and promotes a high level of competence in the practice of care management. As Director of Alliance Senior Care, Dina works with both new and existing clients. In addition, a large part of Dina’s job is to continually reassess the client’s needs and ensure that the care that we are providing matching the continually changing needs of the client, even as [...]

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Alliance Senior Care Sponsors Bloomfield Hills Senior Center

Alliance Senior Care takes an interest in the community by supporting helpful institutions like the Bloomfield Hills Senior Center. At Alliance Senior Care, we provide services to elderly people with the perspective that by helping individuals we’re contributing to an overall better community. As a local care provider to the Metro-Detroit area, our community is very important to us so we try to be active participants in the improving of it. One of the institutions that we find to be of significant value to us and the community is the Bloomfield Hills Senior Center. Similar to our own objective, the center provides supportive services fundamental in assisting elderly citizens remain in their homes. We share the common belief that the quality of life and quality of care for citizens incapable of living independently is much better when they’re able to remain in their own home. The Bloomfield Hills Senior Center offers home delivered meals, liquid nutritional supplements, adult day service for adults experiencing dementia, minor home repair, support groups, medical transportation, errands transportation, health and wellness information and screening, volunteer opportunities, and much more. Alliance Senior Care will be sponsoring an interesting seminar for the seniors at the Bloomfield Hills [...]

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