Brand Identity Support through Content Marketing

In an age of constant noise of information, how can any company expect to cut through and reach consumers in a meaningful way to become a trusted brand? The answer may seem a bit strange, but to cut through the noise of information you will need more information? Yes, more information!

It may seem counter intuitive to fight the noise of information by adding to what’s already out there, but information’s is among the most valuable tools in any marketing strategy. And in order to deliver effective information, you have to listen first. What is the market saying about your industry, your products or your services? Understanding through listening will help you target your information to meet the market interest.

In fact, listening is the basis of trust in relationships, be they business or personal. Listening enables you to determine what information will be most valuable and relevant to your customers. That information, then, becomes the key to building trusted relationships. Listening is accomplished through research from everyone about keywords being typed into the search engines to discussions in forums and social communities.

The new marketing isn’t about self-promotion; it’s about giving customers what they need to become educated consumers. This is the age of:

  • Information marketing,
  • Education marketing,
  • Content marketing

If you want customers to see your brand as a trusted information source, you need to think like an information provider, not just a provider of goods or services. By empowering customers with relevant news and information, a company becomes one-half of a trusted relationship.

So, what are some methods for you to distribute information through content marketing on the Internet? First we would recommend reviewing a previous post on our blog related to Content Marketing here. Content Marketing is not directly about your website, but rather what is happening overall within your business and industry sector. This is a communications art and outreach effort that does not involve direct selling, but is rewarded with sales and loyalty. Content Marketing is a supportive method of selling via quality, relevant and valuable information which:

  • Educates your customers
  • Shows your authority in your field
  • Allows prospects to find you through multiple sources

Your brand is what people read about and talk about online. Isn’t it better to be part of shaping the conversation?

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